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  1. Great photo choices, Puretube. danke schoen!
  2. That Neunaber Stereo Wet is really tempting
  3. As always Phil, you are the single most valuable resource person I know on the internet. Thank you!!!!!!! I wonder why Focusrite didn't make the preamps optional for each input. I wish I had understood that better before buying it 2 years ago. Are there any other interfaces in a comparable price range that allow for disengaging the preamps? There appears to be some info in various forums that talk about this, and some say there is a knob setting that will pretty much eliminate the pre-amp's interference with the signal. My ears are so burnt, I probably wont' hear the difference anyways.
  4. I just purchased one on eBay. One of the last unattainable items on my list of gear lust. I intend to use it primarily on vocal tracks. But I hope to learn more about how to use it to mix down and master my own tracks. But now that I've been reading up on the manual , I realize that I have entered into a whole new realm of amateur, inexperience, and ignorance. So naturally I am coming to you all for guidance. For starters, how compatible is my Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 and Logic Pro X with the NY-2A. Am I going to experience any issues with impedance, loading, etc.? I don't even really understand the details of what that means yet. Some of the reviews talk about how consumer gear might not be able to drive it properly. I'm not exactly sure what that means either. I use a combination of 2 Electro-Harmonix EH-R1 Ribbon mics, 2 Electro-Harmonix 12AY7 Mic Pres, and 2 Cloudlifter Zs for vocals. What should I be looking for in the Specifications to know if I have an compatibility issues? Also, based on the photo, it looks like I purchased the newer version with the built-in fan. Apparently these puppies get crazy hot. For that reason I'm not going to put it in a rack. I'll place it on top of my Fender Rumble bass amp for now, and leave about 5 feet of air above it. Are there any other precautions I should take? I'm sure I'll have more questions as I learn more, but this is a good start.
  5. I would want some completely monstrous and outrageous sampler: At the minimum, it would have to include: - The ability to begin recording as soon as you begin playing (similar to the auto-freeze feature of the EHX Superego), then stop the recording either by a footswitch, a MIDI program change, a CV trigger, or a predetermined number of beats - Option for the sample to either loop around, or run through the sample once when triggered by MIDI, CV, or sound input - Varying media simulations (lofi cassette, 8 bit digital, hi-fi, bitcrunch, tape delay warble, grammophone...) with controls for modulation rate, modulation depth, tone, regeneration, and distortion) ... with optional expression control of all parameters - Option to play the sample in reverse, pitch shift, or speed shift on the fly - 100 presets - The ability to program a sequence of presets that go move through the series and loop back around - MIDI input to accept MIDI external clock and control all parameters via program change messages - CV expression input to accept triggers from the EHX Clockworks and the EHX 8 Step Program - CV tap tempo input to accept external CV clock option - True stereo inputs and outputs - Expandable storage capacity
  6. EHX Worm (v2) compact, affordable, amazing autowah, has an expression input so you can sweep it manually with expression of your choice, or sync the sweep to a clock source, includes an awesome vibrato and phaser to boot
  7. I've spent an incredible number of hours since 2008 organizing my iTunes music library trying to make sense of all the music that has influenced me since my formative years up through the present. I have a playlist for every year since 1964. I was born in 1969, but my musical journey really starts with the first wave of the British Invasion. I also have playlists by life chapters, playlists by themes, playlists by seasons, etc. It's a great way to trigger memories and moods. What I've discovered throughout all of this cataloging and analysis of music is that I really do have a core type of music that I gravitate to, or my "comfort zone" if you will. I have broken down my preferences into 'musical genomes', trends, and patterns. I still listen to and love loads of music outside of that comfort zone, but realizing that I have a preferred musical core was actually a very liberating breakthrough for me. It has helped me to focus my own songwriting, and I've been more productive and inspired as a result. There was a period of my life approximately between about 1995 and 2005 where I felt like contemporary songwriting was declining in quality. Grunge, BritPop, Gangsta Rap, Electronica, Acid, House, TripHop, Lounge... I tried to embrace it all, but I couldn't help the feeling that these were just fringe experiments and tangents that sometimes broke ground, but never really reached my musical core. Certainly the Boy Bands, the Diva pop stars, and R&B were not really doing it for me either. During that era, maybe Radiohead, Coldplay, Keane, and Arcade Fire were about the only bands that came close to the kind of music I grew up on and formed my taste around. I found myself buying only records by the same old bands I'd always liked and not giving a chance to new music. Around 2008 (about the time I joined HCFX) I finally turned on my antenna again and started opening up to new music. I've found that there is a lot of amazing new music out there, and I'm a happier person for discovering it. But if you ask me "Is anyone today writing songs that rock me like Side B of Abbey Road, Side A of Dark Side of the Moon, "Gimme Shelter," "When The Levee Breaks," "Baba O'Riley", "Under Pressure", "New Year's Day" .... ?" Well... that's not an easy question to answer. I'm just glad to have grown up with that music and to have been a part of that generation
  8. Lots of interesting gear on that list I'd never heard of before. Some of the prices they listed might be outdated.... more like 2004 prices. I check eBay's sold listings quite frequently http://goo.gl/OHkNZY
  9. How Soon Is Now, Gimme Shelter, Twin Peaks, Baba O'Riley... best demo selection ever!
  10. Now that I already bought the Cusack Tap a Whirl, will the Super Pulsar make it completely redundant?
  11. I can't take a pedal enthusiast seriously until they have at least 2 DMMs
  12. eBay. They are called power strip "liberators"!
  13. I have way more pedals that require proprietary wall warts or have built-in transformers than pedals that can run off of a 9v daisy chain. So naturally, my power supply situation is quite cumbersome. But since my gigging days are super-rare now, convenience and portability are not really priorities for me. So I use a lot surge protectors and extenders.
  14. Sorry, no current pics. Just open shelving. I keep most of my pedals in their original boxes partly for resell, and partly to keep off dust and sun.
  15. Lately I feel like a mere suggestion of my former self
  16. I spent a lot on gear this year... more than the previous 3 years... so I'm done for awhile. I just sold 3 pedals last week. This coming year will be all about selling off the extraneous.
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