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  1. It's an original. I don't want to mess with it if that's what it's supposed to sound like. I try to avoid messing with it at all. But at the same time, I use it, and I want it to sound the best it can.
  2. My tremelo (why did Fender call it a vibrato?) is extremely subtle on my vibroverb even with the intensity maxed. Much more subtle than the trem on my vibro champ. Is it supposed to be that way, or does my vibroverb need a tune-up? I've tried changing the 12ax7, but that doesn't seem to help.
  3. Where does the Falnger Hoax rank with these? I could talk forever about the Flanger Hoax. I think I already have somewhere (everywhere) in these threads, but I'll say it again - the Flanger Hoax rules!!!!! A pedal made for tweakers and musicians who like to get lost in possibilities.
  4. Nice! I should post my collection sometime. I've got one blue one and one rehoused blue one, as well as a rehoused green one (see the link in my sig for some pictures). Then I've also got an original "triangle" muff and a whole ton of muff clones. Muff = I see that you rehouse sovteks. Cool! They look great. On the topic of muffs, there are so many different muff mods out there, it's hard to imagine that they all sound that much different, though I'm sure they do. Do you have a top 5 list of great muff mods? and who does them?
  5. The HOG!! I don't own one, but I wish I did. I have a PS-3 which I like a lot, but the tracking is touchy and requires some tweaking with the pot on the expression pedal to get it right.
  6. Well, I decided to take the plunge today as well. Seems like it may be the final answer to all of my modulation problems. What do you think of the flange on the PolyChorus?
  7. I have heard good things about the Slow Gear, but my desire to eat outweighs my desire to go Wuck Wuck Wuck, Wucky Wuck Wuck...If you can just.. get your mind together.... :D:D LOL
  8. If you've got the BIG $s, get an EHX Attack Delay designed by Howard Davis. You'll have to fork out at least $400, probably more, and that's if you can find one on eBay. The EHX MicroSynth has a reverse feature that is pretty cool, but not as reliable or advanced as the Attack Delay. The other granddaddy is the Boss Slow Gear. You'll need the BIG $s for that one too, at least $300, if you can find one on eBay (again). All of these will get an approximation of the Are You Experienced? vibe.
  9. That pedal has been around awhile. It's very versatile, and I like the Digitech X series stuff in general, even though I prefer analog effects. The Synth Wah is a lot of fun, but I'm happy to have the original analog effects that it emulates. My gripes with the EX-7 were: 1. You get all these distortion settings, but you can't use them without the expression settings. 2. The Space Station volume swells are cool, but you can't adjust the delay time.
  10. Discontinued now but if you are looking for a tweakers wah I dig the Akai Variwah quite a bit. Though I believe that is an optical wah which may in itself be a turnoff to some. Do you know of any mods to this pedal to help the sweep?
  11. OT: Somebody else has an Akai Variwah! I'm not the only one. Have you heard of any mods for this? I love the innovative ideas on this pedal, but I'm disappointed with the sweep.
  12. Here's a similar thread that might give you some ideas: http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1681591
  13. i think i'm gonna get rid of my micro synth Ouch! I suppose it isn't a very useful pedal unless you are into 'electronic' synthy sounding music (kraftwerk, new wave, electronica, etc.). But damn, it is so sonic!
  14. true, but good move on cloning all the old pedals noone else has, really.... and, on the cheap.. Behringer?... Needs more innovation and inspiration, and less duplication and stagnation. I'll spend the extra $50 (or whatever) to support the innovators.
  15. EHX Holier Grail is priced between the Holy and Holiest Grails. Unfortunately, it is a typically large EHX box. Great sounding pedal though, with much more flexibility than the Holy Grail, and less flexibility than the Holiest Grail. Has the same options as the Holy Grail (Spring, Hall, Flerb, Room), but you have the choice of long or short decays, and an optional 'reverb only' output. It also has a gate, which isn't super-useful for guitar unless you are into experimentation. Boss RV-3 is highly-criticized, but very versatile. That TC Nova looks wicked!
  16. Q-tron + Also consider the EHX Worm. Very affordable, unique sounding auto-wah that cycles around (as opposed to a filter that is triggered by the attack of each note). It also includes a traditional phaser, some very subtle variations of tremelo and vibrato, and a kind of 'filter matrix' that acts as sort of an EQ. It was designed by Barmentloo, who also designed the Flanger Hoax, Tube Zipper, etc. He is the 21st century da Vinci (or Dr. Frankenstein) of modulation. It is very noisy, but not as noisy as the Boss AW series, and it does have true bypass. The Flanger Hoax also can acheive a sort of phaser auto-wah :love:, but it takes a lot more work to find it , and it is more expensive.
  17. http://ronsound.com/pedals/stone.html I don't own one of these yet, but I had the honor of visiting Ron and demo-ing the pedal. It's awesome! I hope to have one some day.
  18. I have a Polyphase great pedal but not really like a Phase in the classic sense like a MXR phase 90 or what I use a Retro Sonic , The stereo polyphase to me is more like a analogue filter /auto wah pedal . Yeah Id be interested in this question too , not to hijack the thread my apologies if it seems that way but im really getting into EHX and have started a few threads trying to determine DEM Vs a Flanger Hoax stereo clone theory vs Stereo poly chorus. I would think getting back on topic unless im wrong , Id get both only because u can set on flange the electric mistress and the polychorus use as chorus, Again not trying to hijack only trying to further the thread. cheers:thu: An EHX phaser vote would make a great new thread: small stone, bad stone, vintage polyphase, stereo polyphase, flanger hoax, the worm...
  19. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showpost.php?p=23490646&postcount=20
  20. ive read a few reveiws saying that it has a horrible hiss, do you have this problem? where is it placed in your fx chain/loop? Ha! Too late for me to start discriminating against hiss. My setup includes Fender single-coils, a '63 vibroverb, and vintage EHX pedals - any additional hiss is going to be like a drop in the ocean. The Blackfinger is relatively quiet next to the Flanger Hoax or the '78 DMM. I use 2 EHX graphic EQs to cut the 16k and 8k bands to -30dB, which knocks the hiss out. Anyway, when recording, I reserve those freqs for vocals, cymbals, percussion, sound-effects, and volume-swell/ethereal stuff. If you are really into the vintage vibe, you have to find ways to get around (or incorporate) inconveniences like hiss, noise, dying tubes, - but there are workable compromises. Placement: after the Qtron+ ,the MicroSynth, and the Big Muff (gotta tame those beasts), and before all of my time-based effects (to pump some gain through 'em).
  21. That should make finding 'found sounds' a lot easier, just not very interesting ones. He should start aiming all of his Marshall stacks toward the club and let his rig self oscillate while he takes his portable unit to the countryside for a weekend. I bet it would generate some bad/good press too.
  22. ... and the PolyChorus is one of those EHX pedals that can go over-the-edge, so even if it doesn't get the chorus you are looking for, it's a blast to experiment with and make wicked noises.
  23. I always laughed my a** off every time I heard that song, but check out the link below. Now I just want to cry:cry: (20 million?) I'm sure Rick is laughing at all of us now. http://www.weht.net/WEHT/Rick_Astley.html
  24. Sounds like you've answered this one before. Thanks for the edification. So is there a not-so "horrible" publication on the Edge's setup?
  25. Mode Zero has an interesting reference point to judge 2 of the forementioned for yourself. http://www.modezero.com/clone-theory.htm http://www.modezero.com/polyflange.htm (the polyflange is the same circuitry as the polychorus, or so I've read)
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