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  1. Hi Trick Fall! Yes, the manual is brief, to say the least. And the FAQs online aren't much help either on this topic. My understanding is that the MIDI out on the Sample Pad Pro will trigger samples, but I haven't read anything about send MIDI CC.
  2. Crickets... So I should infer that MIDI CC hasn't set the world on fire with effect pedals?
  3. Awesome! I love the XP 300, and I still use it a lot for synth sounds. I could definitely think of some updates I would like to see for it. Better bypass (the most often-heard complaint) Easier access to the programs (non-linear) More than 6 user programmed presets Ability to use expression on more than one parameter per program Stereo inputs More stereo panning options in the effects MIDI and CV sync of modulation rates and delay times MIDI program change and control change
  4. I am interested in the broader topic overall... how are you guys using MIDI CC message sends to effect pedals? I also have a specific question: I am trying to figure out how to use a drum pad to send a MIDI CC message to my EHX 8-Step Program in the simplest manner possible. Specifically, how do I trigger a CC 34 (PLAY FSW) message using my Alesis Sample Pad Pro without going through a PC or MAC? Trying to find an answer on the internet is far from straightforward. It seems like MIDI mapping has to be accomplished through PC or MAC software. Is there a device, or an iPad APP available that would allow me to do the MIDI mapping as an interface between the drum pad and the 8 step?
  5. Thanks again, guys, for educating me in all of this. I need a class in electrical theory. I really want to understand better how this stuff operates.
  6. Thank you for this very thorough response, WRGKMC ! Should I read between the lines and infer that I spent way too much on something that had a much simpler solution?
  7. I rent an historic bungalow with some pretty sketchy electrical installed. I noticed having more gear needing repairs after living here for a couple of years. Also, being in Florida, neighborhood transformers blow out almost every other month from storms and falling limbs. So mostly, I want to protect my gear investments and feed them clean power. I have minimal noise issues, so I'm not overly concerned with that.
  8. I just shelled out some cash for my first Furman... a P 1800AR http://www.furmansound.com/product.p...01&id=P-1800AR Hopefully I made a good choice. Up to now I've been using an old Juice Goose Twelve PAQ that a friend gave to me. http://juicegoose.com/discontinued/12%20Paq%20Lit.PDF What are the major differences between these? Will the P 1800AR accommodate my amps, my tube compressor, my power mixer, etc. ? Which of the outlets at the back should I be using for which purposes? Is it okay for me to run power strips from the P 1800AR? How do I distribute the power load? Thanks in advance for any education you can provide in this very confusing, and very expensive endeavor
  9. From the EHX manual: EXPRESSION PEDAL INPUT - An optional expression pedal can be used with the RIDDLE for manual control of the filter. When the pedal is in toe up position, the frequency will be at the START position. In the toe down position, the frequency will be at the STOP position. Use this along with various Q knob setting to get resonant filter sweeps as well as wah-wah sounds with a versatile range. So yes, it sounds like the 8 Step would allow you to program sweeps that a treadle would normally do.
  10. The last year or so I've been focused on pedals/effects that have a port for CV or EXP control so I can automate the effects using the EHX 8-Step Program while I concentrate on drums and singing. So filter pedals I use with CV/EXP control would include: EHX HOG EHX Enigma EHX Stereo Polyphase EHX The Worm XO EHX TubeEQ EHX Bi-Filter Effectrode Phaseomatic Deluxe But I have some other filter effects that I really love: EHX Micro Synthesizer EHX Q-Tron+ EHX Muff Fuzz Crying Tone EHX Talking Pedal EHX BassBalls EHX Polyphase EHX Golden Throat II EHX Soul Kiss Digitech Synth Wah Digitech XP300 Space Station ALL of these can produce some super synth-y filter textures.
  11. Agreed 100% Complicated pedalboards are like luxury cars, yachts, or mansions. They can be a lot of fun to use, but a pain the ass to own.
  12. There are different types of switchers that address different needs. A simple bypass looper is useful to guys who use pedals that don't have true bypass, like vintage pedals, BOSS, etc. In that scenario, a long sequence of pedals will cause signal loss even when the pedals are turned off. A bypass looper allows you to bypass the circuitry entirely. Another useful feature of a bypass looper is that it allows trails on delays if the delay pedal doesn't have that feature already. I use a Carl Martin Octoswitch, which is an effects switcher, because it allows me to create presets. I can program several pedals into a single footswitch. I also have the added benefit of it being a bypass looper for my vintage pedals. Multi-FX are great, especially for live performance and convenience. I would agree that they are more practical, but they don't accomplish everything that many pedals do. I've yet to hear a multi-fx unit sound exactly like a Deluxe Memory Man, a Flanger Hoax, a BOSS PS-3, or a Digitech Space Station, for example. If those sounds are important to your music, a multi-fx won't cut it
  13. I saw The War On Drugs this summer. Really terrific show! I've also seen Tycho and St. Vincent in the last year, both inspiring. But the loudest most partying show I saw this year was Howard Jones doing a Velvet Session at the Hard Rock Hotel. Fantastic show, but it left my ears ringing for days. Who knew that MacBook Pro's could get so loud.
  14. Thank you for posting the manual, Phil! Unfortunately, the 22500's FC jack doesn't appear to accommodate CV inputs. Bummer. I am perplexed why EHX would design such a fancy hi-tech looper without any ability to sync to an external clock or trigger, especially since the 45000 at least has a MIDI input jack.
  15. Oddly enough, I do have a Super Replay. But unfortunately it is tempermental. After about 15 minutes of use the samples start to drift out of pitch. I'm not sure how to get it fixed. The calibration trimpot sometimes helps, and sometimes doesn't. It's not noticeble for short samples, but quite pronounced with longer pitch dependent samples. Probably typical of digital gear of that era.
  16. Currently I'm using the Clockworks to trigger 3 vintage EHX Instant Replay units, which are 8 bit samplers that have a maximum sample time of about 1 second at the lowest resolution. The CV pulse sent from the Clockworks triggers the sample to play through once, then waits for the next pulse. Despite being lo-fi, they really sound great. But 1 second is a bit limiting for anything more than percussive samples, single notes, or very succinct melodic snippets. My hope is that the 22500 is able to behave like the Instant Replay, but with higher res and longer sample times. However, I also see that the 22500 has an R Tempo mode. I'm hoping this means that it will accept a CV clock source into the FC jack that controls the tempo. My old EHX 2880 has tempo sync via MIDI (and I assume the 45000 also has it), but CV will work fine for me since I'm using the Molten Voltage CV-Sync.
  17. I see a Foot Control jack and a "Trigger" mode, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is compatible with the EHX Clockworks. If indeed it is, I'm all over it.
  18. The whammy might also be fun after the loop station if you want to get experimental with your loops
  19. I bet the EHX Epitome would sound pretty awesome in the loop.
  20. One of the most under-appreciated recordings of all time. [video=youtube;TVuJ7cyqlSc]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVuJ7cyqlSc
  21. How I love this song! [video=youtube;GfUoSZnajkY] One of RIDE's masterpieces. Though I'm not certain that the intro guitar is phaser. More likely to be a leslie cabinet. [video=youtube;UgSa7BPpjFg] Not exactly one of my fav Spacemen 3 'songs', but I've always loved the combo of the Vox Starstream's fuzz and repeater effect, and a Morley Tel-Ray Phase Shifter. [video=youtube;e_WuHri_DFk]
  22. With shipping to the USA added the Pi Phase is < $600 USD. That is definitely less than an original, and hopefully more portable, dependable, and serviceable. My phaser collection is pretty out-of-control at the moment, but I would definitely consider selling several of them to swap out for one of these in the not-so-distant future.
  23. So no more EHX Bi-Filter or NY-2A in 2015? yikes, I hope they will continue to spport them for repairs and servicing
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