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  1. ^ Would and, unfortunately "did" many times all over the USA.
  2. ah, mental state...and here you are among us. guilt by association, methinks Busted.
  3. the one thing i do see is that they're not all pimple faced 15 year olds :poke: It's more of a mental state than an actual physical description.
  4. I'll see your O'rly and raise you a: Can you find the woman in this metal crowd? (kind of a where's Waldo for metal heads , if you will) Here's another: Don't get me wrong here, I likes me a room full of angry sweaty young men as well as any 55 year old gay man. I'm just yankin' your chains ya know. Back in the day I loved me some metal. Cut my teeth on Sabbath but I also like Billy Joel so go figure.
  5. Only 15 year old dudes with pimples like it in the first place.
  6. Might be one of my most favorite pups ever. I had a pair in a cheapie but the guitar was so bad I couldn't really tell. Now I can really hear it. The bridge pup is a measly 8.8k dc resistance, not hot at all. With the parallel, single coil, series wiring it smokes. The single tap is very, very quiet as the pup is encased in metal and well shielded. With the snax I can adjust gain input so the low output is not a problem when you want heavy tones. It is clear an articulate and , most importantly, it is cheap. Some of them look really cool too, though with the pearloid covers you might lose some shielding.
  7. Try this. Play and keep guitars based on whether you like them or not not whether some guy twenty years ago played one.
  8. http://fresno.craigslist.org/msg/1450418108.html
  9. I couldn't make the GNX4 work for me. Every time I cranked it live it turned into harsh, digital, treble crap. I bought that Super Models pack too. My GP100 (which was the precursor to the boss pedal line) was much warmer at higher volumes though it couldn't do high gain worth a crap. The Snax kills 'em both, even the lowly Standard.
  10. Here's how to win this thread. Right before a large asteroid hits earth or China fires all it's nukes at us and they are about to hit, run to this website and type "I win". It will be the last thing you do on this planet but it will be worth it.
  11. It's Mesa. Hope that resolves your issue.
  12. Does your wife ever come in the room and say "Jebus honey, the garage needs cleaning, the house needs dusting, and I need some lovin' and all you do is sit here pasting EVH's face on other people's bodies all day long"?:poke:
  13. First time I heard Sultans of Swing, I just about crapped myself. Blew my mind it was so cool.
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