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  1. Take a big, intimidating mother {censored}er with you.
  2. Any interest in a Chicago Iron Octavian Plus +. I would like a Joy Ride to go with my JRT.
  3. thanks for the offer but...I just traded my ocd for a muff. Thanks anyway.
  4. Chicago Iron Octavian Plus? Minty in the cedar box?
  5. Could pass for new. $135 shipped or trade for analog delay or fuzz. AD9? Catalyst? London Fuzz? Whatcha got? My ebay handle is rfazano with 100% positive feedback. I will email pictures upon request.
  6. Chicago Iron Octavian Plus (with cedar box and all paperwork) $250 shipped. -OR- Will trade for ??????????
  7. I like cd's and lp's so I buy most of my {censored} from All That Is Heavy. 2 days later on my front porch. You can't beat that {censored}. If I just have to have it now, I use iTunes or Rhapsody.
  8. "Diamond" Abbott used to say how Slayer sucked balls, etc. (I went to school with him) Then about 5 years later in a metal mag he was practically sucking Kerry Kings cock whilst recieving a hand job from him. The dude had chops, but he was a {censored}ing poser. He would ride his bike to Rainbow music to give lessons in spandex. .....those hideous guitars.
  9. I've known a few dudes who did or are doing time. They deserve it. They committed felonies. One guy beat up an old man in a robbery. He claims he's a victim. I could care less how bad they feel they are treated in prison. Some people just have a screw loose and always in trouble. Other than drug offenses, if your in the Pen, you probably deserve it.
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