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  1. I nailed a fat chick. She gave awesome head, and swallowed. Liked the ass play too. No A2M though.
  2. Back from the dead. This thread.
  3. I love 80's pop music. Michael Jackson, Missing Persons, Duran Duran, Corey Hart...etc.
  4. I'm certain EVH has seen this thread. He has to have. This thread keeps delivering lulz, and has been for a long ass time. The Axl thread on the other hand....Gone in like 2 days?
  5. Originally Posted by msr1973 This thread always gets me going. I laugh so hard that I almost piss myself at times. I am not good at photshop but here is one for someone to do: [ATTACH]325175[/ATTACH] Looks like Ed's gained a little weight.
  6. Because Page did. In a really cool way. Jimmy Paeg looks kind of emo there. He's reflecting light away from himself in a emo kind of way.
  7. Ed Thought to himself at the truckstop many years ago..."This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine....In a really cool way."
  8. cuz a motorcycle headlight would have been dumb The real reason is Ed was sitting around and using the drill in studio to make cool sounds with his guitar. Then after a bottle of Jack he said oh yeah.. I got the drill to put in this reflector somewhere! Oh here we go... on the back of my guitar. Stupid idea or not, I'm doing it!! And so it was................... Thus it reflected stage lights in a cool way.
  9. Good song. I old AIC, but when a vid w/Dio was posted, I got confused. I'm still really :cry::( about Dio. Y'Know.
  10. I still have no idea what this thread was about, but you posted Dio, that's way cool.
  11. I have no idea what this original thread was about, but a friend of mine told me that AIC found a common harmony that they could sing to without sounding too different than the old songs.
  12. :cop:The people have spoken. If it ain't broke,don't fix it. It's retardedly simple.
  13. I'll post something interesting. But I have to piss really bad.
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