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  1. I used to have a Kaman GTX-36 Les Paul style black electric guitar with gold trim. It was also solid mahogany. I ended up pawning mine about 10 years ago. I have looked everywhere for this guitar online and cannot find it anywhere.


    Does anyone have any advice or a website I can go to, to find one? I've Googled and searched eBay, Amazon, etc., and can't find this exact one.


    Looks very similar to Les Paul in the picture.



  2. I have an Ibanez SA2160FM & the 2 pickups closest to the bridge have literally sunken in. I finger pick a lot & my palm rests against the bridge but I don't know if this would affect it. Also, it is going out of tune more & more often. I bought the guitar about 4 years ago but only have about 2 years (if that) of play on it.


    Any advice, suggestions? If I go get a set-up on it, would they fix the bridges (pop them back out) or would I have to pay extra?


    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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