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  1. Hi there! first off, thank you for taking the time to read and write back. It is much appreciated Yeah I completely agree, I know doing it myself is going to require more time and preparation. However it just seems like it might be the most cost effective/better way to do it. I wasn't knocking people's garage setups, hell I have one myself. I know some people get great stuff out of theirs. The problem that I have been coming across is simply that the ones available in my area seem to only do digital instruments and vox or they claim to have a pro setup with a huge price tag but their demo reels don't reflect either. Going back to the home setup/studio mix: Do you have any experiences with any affordable stanaline daws like the tascams and such? I do have protools, and other older digital design interfaces but I was wondering if a standalone unti might be worth looking into. The kind of music that I record doesn't require any kind of automation or crazy plugins, I'm taking a more traditional approach to it so it makes me wonder if that would do the trick
  2. Hi I'm a bit torn on what to do and I wanted to see if I could get some feedback. I want to record a demo for a personal project (blues/garage rock) and up until I started looking up studios locally recently , I was pretty much set on going somewhere to record 3 songs and have it done professionally. Recorded, mixed and mastered. The problem I am having is that 8 out of 10 places are rap/diy places (aka egg crate walls in someone garage with plywood booths) or incredibly expensive studios ($100 an hour, with engineers that are not really familiar with recording live instruments). Believe it or not... So I am at a crossroads. I would like to get these tracks sounding nice, and done right, but I cannot justify spending so much money when I'm almost certain I'm not going to be happy with the results. I used to work as a sound engineer 10 years ago so I know I could probably get some decent dry tracks recorded at home with my current setup, but I'm wondering if it would be worth trying to go that route and finding someone to master it for me professionally or just keep looking for a studio? Anyone else been in this situation? thanks!
  3. So I have this really cheap combo practice amp I've had for years and I would like to see if it would be possible to turn it into a head and plug it into a larger cab with a 12" speaker. It is probably worth no more than $10 ( old radio shack mps-45 ) and it is honestly not great for anything serious. However, it does have a really cool tone for garage rock type of stuff, which is precisely what I want it for. my question is, if I remove the amp from its original cab and connect the speaker leads to a guitar input jack, can I safely use it as a head instead? the stock speaker is a 8" @ 4 ohms rated for 12 watts. can I replace this with say a 12" @ 4 ohms rated for something higher? Could that be a problem? my main goal is to make this little guys more portable and maybe by getting a bigger an better speaker, opening its sound a little more. let me know your thoughts!
  4. Hi I'm looking for a pedal that sounds similar to a tube screamer but without the bass cut. I'm looking for something smooth to puch my amp (Laney Cub12) into Floyd territory. I play blues based rock, and alt. I've been looking at the Fulltone Fulldrive 2, anyone used one of these before?
  5. I have a keeley compressor good shape ( other than lettering starting to fade) and a boss ds1 pedal, that has been modded. I am looking for a fuzz, overdrive or boost pedal. No tube screamers tho
  6. I've been playing professionally for 10 years now, and I have owned/played ridiculous amounts of gear being a sound engineer and I don't hesitate to say this is definitely one of the best "if not THE best" guitar I've ever played. The stock pups are not the best in the industry, but that can be easily replaced need be -although the have a certain something that it's just plain cool-. Other than that this is a great guitar to have. If this were stolen I would hunt the bastard down in a heart beat They are going up in value like crazy, hold on e'm!
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