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  1. The whole thing is patently silly: Dictate what type of business relationships free, consenting adults can have, for the purposes of fitting a tax/legal structure that benefits the state. If the state was in charge of making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, they'd eliminate the bread, to minimize impact on government operations.
  2. Now that I'm thinking about: Sting. Some of his bigger hits were post-Police, during his 40s, and similar to Simon, with different instrument styles.
  3. I recall one of the band members (think it was John) saying they stopped playing live because it was too difficult to successfully play the type of music they wanted to create.
  4. Love that theme, but now, every time I hear it, an image of Jack Black and Joan Cusack, sitting in a beater panel van, pops into my head (School of Rock).
  5. Got these for a backup bass, never strung them, and later decided flatwounds are what I really want for that bass. These are new in package; never removed from the individual envelopes. Strings are .45, .65, .85, .105 (medium), nickel round wound, hand made. I have DR Hi Beams on another bass and absolutely love them. Great strings. Just not what I need for the backup. Would like to swap for a set of lite-medium or medium flatwounds in new or like new condition.
  6. {censored}ing retarded. Save the space for the rapists and pedophiles. Make him sleep on a cot at the local ASPCA shelter, and have him scoop poop every day. That would be fitting.
  7. I use a Musicians Friend/AXL 60W keyboard amp as a monitor for keyboards, vocals, guitar, and I sometimes use it as a practice amp for bass. Unfortunately, despite the fact that it is supposed to be a bass amp, it produces a low hz vibrating tone on any E string notes, and most of the A string notes. Happens with either my Rogue VB200 or Ibanez GSR200, and at nearly any volume setting above a whisper. At first, I thought the cabinet or grill was vibrating, but I eventually eliminated those as sources and narrowed it down to the 12" woofer. This amp actually sounds quite good with vocals, e-drums, guitar. It's just lower notes on the bass that are effing me up. I found if I discounnect the internal amp and power the speaker through an external 50w amp, the problem goes away. Comments on what might be causing this...other than "it's a cheap piece of chit"?
  8. There are no early releases/paroles on Federal prison sentences. He'll do the entire 23 months.
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