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  1. hmmmm.... Ive got a MINT 86 Kramer Pacer in Flip/Flop Purple/Blue. Id have to think its worth at least a $100-200 more though than the Esp. COntact me and maybe we can work something out. Im in Gilbert.
  2. Originally Posted by ezail10 Hey Jon...excellent review. I think im sold on the LE but just need to get a little more information before i pull the trigger. Do you know where i can find a list of what the modeled amps, cabs and effects are? Im sure if I dig hard enough i can figure it out but i was hoping that maybe i wasnt the first to ask!! Also does the LE come with a carrying case like the SE did? Again thanks for the great review! Eric This will sound crazy but have you tried the Vox website??
  3. Originally Posted by lenster JUst sold my Tonelab . Have Gone back to thew Zoom G9 . IMHO there is no comparison. ZOOM G9 : thu: I was torn as well. I liked the build quality of the Tonelab much better. This is the Tonelab LE not the SE.
  4. Anyone find the Heavy Distortion Pedal settings tend to be wayy too staticy?
  5. cant wait to see this tour...how was Daves singing?
  6. These only go for about $450 used dude. sorry. Great guitars though but unfortunately the reissues just dont bring the resale. Hope it goes for more!
  7. all Pacers are good. Im partial to the 85, 86 Pacers and the older Beaks.
  8. Cant imagine it sounding even better. Man I love my LE. I have'nt even made any of my own settings. I just went in and tweaked all the ones that were preset and saved them. LOL I did turn Cab OFF since im running mine through my Vox ad30vt which is set to the cleanest setting Boutique. Deuterium- You like the Tech better than running direct through the Peavey? did'nt the Peavey give you more dynamic range since it has the tweeter and woofer?
  9. Thanks guys. Will PM you if its something im interested in.
  10. Originally Posted by BeowulfKingsley It would be very cool indeed if everyone here could post up their patches, including our good administrator here ;-) , either here or at Wagdog's excellent new Tonelab LE discussion board at http://tonelable.com/ so we could really have even more fun with this great tool! I'm just waiting for my USB/Midi thingy to arrive from China... No one goes there. Its a ghost town. Best bet is to post them here on this thread so at least we can find them.
  11. Thanks man. I downloaded and have the cable. Will connect it all tonight and get the Laptop plugged into it. Ive got a few patches I want to get ON to my LE. Hopefully its pretty self explanatory using the software?
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