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  1. With all this talk about "insurance" it's obvious most PP users don't bother reading the fine print. For non-eBay purchases, PayPal insurance ONLY covers the buyer IF the seller did not ship you an item AND PayPal can get the money back from the seller. I.E.: If he ships you a brick and disputes the claim - you will probably be out of luck. If you win your claim, but the seller skipped town - you're out of luck. If the seller has no PayPal balance or no linked bank account (with money in it) - you're out of luck. And BTW: for you Sellers: just because you received a PayPal payment, even if you already spent it, it doesn't mean that money is yours. At any time PayPal may rescind that payment if it is disputed (usually by a Credit Card Company or bank). This can happen months after the transaction. PP will remove that amount from your PP balance, or bank account, without prior notice. And NO: non of the "confirmed" stuff will matter. +1 Paypal fees and Paypal "insurance" is for saps. As an honest seller I feel perfectly comfortable offering potential buyers a lower price and asking them to forego the fees on the my end, unless they CHOOSE to add 3-4% for their own peace of mind...which is worth nothing, really.
  2. A beautiful late 2009 build which - with the exception of two small dings in the headstock - is like new. NOTE: I have been asked whether the dings are the result of dropping the guitar. The answer is NO. The "dings" on the headstock (photographed below) are the result of a small screwdriver falling from a table onto the Kirn as she was resting on a carpeted floor. Just a silly mistake; this guitar has been babied! If I might say, this is one of the prettier Barnbusters I've seen, with just enough Loblolly grain to make her a tasteful looker. [With his permission, I'm reproducing what one TGPer's comment via PM: "Yours is the best looking Barncaster I've seen, andnone of the pics on Rons site show a one piece body or anything close to the orientation of the log to the guitar. That is one fine example!"] $1169 plus actual shipping from Toronto, Canada. Payment should be made via PP gift (or add 4%). Ships in the original Stone Case Company case. I have ample materials to do a great job. As for TRADES, I need an output solution for my new Axe-FX - either a power amplifier or an Atomic FR would be nice. Cheers!
  3. Yeah same here, the general consensus is if your just looking for effects get the M13. I have alot of experience with the X3 live and its a pretty good unit, quality wise maybe not so much, really thats been my experience with all Line 6 products and I've had a good amount of experience with quite a few.(Flextone II, Flextone III, Spider II, FBV short and long boards, Pod XT and X3 live) Now I like Line 6 there convenient, easy to use, priced well and get the job done, its just they always seem to have problems. Although they have never totally failed on me something always goes wrong with it. Anyways back to how it sounds the amp models are pretty good the effect are pretty good, it sounds pretty good and in my opinion its easy to use. If your looking for an all in one for around $500 I'd take an X3 live over pretty much anything. But if your like me and pretty good won't do forever you want an Axe FX. The thing is pretty incredible really every time I buy gear I'm also looking for more now I think I finally found it. Once I sell my guitar cab and get an atomic reactor I think this will be the last amp, effects, cab I'll ever buy. So if you have $1,500 you can spare I'd take the plunge and buy an Axe Fx,(really in the long run you'll save a whole lot of money this way) if you don't have that much moeny to spare and need an all in one get the X3, if your happy with your amp and just want effect get the M13. Oh my gosh, I wish you had never told me about the Axe FX. An hour worth of research later, I'm already considering selling my '68 Pro Reverb and my Telecaster and going futuristic.
  4. In terms of effects, do the X3/XT sound as good - or nearly as good - as the M13 when plugged directly into an amp?
  5. I'm a young gent, but old fashioned at heart. I like to feel tactile things and I enjoy little more than plugging my stratocaster into my old pro reverb and rocking out. Nevertheless, I've recently begun delving into the world of high-tech recording and purchased myself a fine Yamaha n12 digital studio, a few good microphones, and a copy of Cubase LE. Now I'd like an all-in-one FX solution for both LIVE use (jamming in the basement, writing songs in my room, etc.) and RECORDING (I guess this means directly into the n12 --> DAW??? I still don't get this part of things). Should someone in my shoes go for the M13, or the X3 Live? Or perhaps even the Pod Farm??? I'm sorry, there seems to be so much overlap between these products. I'm not even sure which way is up anymore.
  6. Gorgeous guitar, and what beautiful scenery! That's a lucky man's backyard!
  7. Howdy. I've got $750 to put into a Fender American Bass. I'm a fan of both the P and the Jazz, so I could go either way. My preference is for a reissue. I've got about ~$750 to spend. Shipping is to Toronto, Canada. Please PM all information - model, age, condition, pics, price. Cheers.
  8. Looking for an M13 in excellent shape and perfect operating order. I'm located in Canada. Please PM your price, age of unit, any pertinent details, etc.
  9. Look IndoScout, Pay the man $64 and get ready to take it in the ass, OR Pay the man $200 and get ready to take it in the ass. The only person you have to man up to is yourself. Quit trying to cater to the forum or repair your reputation. They're both dead to you. Just do what you have to do and take care of business.
  10. I'm not entirely familiar with the Gegg&H situation, but if you screwed him, and while screwing him used and altered his gear, you are responsible for restoring it to its original condition irrespective of your cultural/religious/ceremonial norms/practises/customs, etc. You can't milk a cow while you screw it. ON THE OTHER hand, I think Gegg&H is responsible for realizing that he is dealing with an evasive douchebag with a weaker moral fibre than he'd like to believe, and hence that Gegg&H may be better off taking the $64 and moving on.
  11. Neck pickup went bust. I'd be interested in another Fender stock neck pickup, preferrably a '62 reissue, but I'd be willing to entertain all proposals. Please PM me.
  12. I love this guitar so much. It is absolutely beautiful, and plays like a dream. The neck is so smooth, the tone so rich, it's presence always acknowledged. I've been playing for about 2 years, but guitar has become a very intricate part of my life. I play around 2 hours a day everyday...and have been since my first guitar. If this guitar were lost or stolen i'd cry...then i'd get my sorry ass back to work at 6.85/h and save up for another...once i get the new one, i'd make sweet love to it. If you love that tele twang, but just can't live without the warmth of a humbucker...or need it for the type of rhythm you intend on playing...the fat tele is just right for you.
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