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  1. aside from the ultra 120, is there another peavey switch that will work with this amp? Tried an Ultra Plus...no dice, any other ideas or experiences?
  2. Davetopay

    Laney GH50L

    I bought one from Ripoff....errr Guitar Center for 350 about a year and a half ago.....they retail for about 700 new.......mid 300's is normal now for them.
  3. Overall, this is the nicest guitar I have ever had the joy of owning. Also in my collection are two 1986 NJ Warlocks, a 1999 NJ Warlock, a 1987 Rave series Warlock, and a handmade spanish classical. My rig is VERY simple. GUITAR+Boss TU2 tuner+Peavy Ultra 60 head+5150 cab. No funny business, no effects, just the sound of the guitar and the amp. Try and steal this, and I WILL END YOU.
  4. Davetopay

    Peavey Ultra 60

    I have been playing for about 15 years and have owned MANY heads and combos. Mashall lead100, Valvestate, Laney GH50L, Peavey Ultra Plus, Line6 Hd147, Univox, Ampeg V4, Galien Kruger,Crate Stealth 50....the list goes on. Dollar for dollar, this is the BEST amp I have ever owned. You know how one day you walk inot the music store and randomly plug into an amp and *bling* you realize that THIS is your sound...that's what this was for me. As far as my signal chain....Dimarzio Tone Zone humbucker, Boss Tu2 tuner, head. That's it.
  5. I have been playing for nearly 15years and have owned lots of different guitars, but the old Warlocks are my faves. If someone was to try to steal this, they had better be able to run really God damned fast, because I will find them and hurt them.
  6. Davetopay

    laney GH50L Head

    If this were stolen, I am not sure if I would go search out another one, but it would be missed. I love the biting midrange crunch, but wish for more bottom end roll over. I do wish it had a drive/clean 2 ch set up as it makes it easier to mute the amp live rather than turning guitar volume down, which still mean LOTS of high gain white noise.
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