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  1. fine. I'll throw in my valveking cab too.
  2. I'll trade you my Line 6 Spyder III head for your VK. nah, looking for an all tube head.
  3. I'll trade you my peavey valveking for it
  4. I'll trade you my peavey valveking head for it.
  5. can you take some pics? especially of the front and back panel controls
  6. 10-4... run out of time today before i could get to the store to try one out.... i;ll get there monday... how old is it and what condition is it in and tube life.....? thanks, dave it is 1 year old and is in mint condition. tubes are in great condition, probably won't need replaced for another 6 months at least. still sounds the same as when I bought it.
  7. valveking maybe... ibanez, nice but, not for me.... just let me know
  8. i got a friend who will give anybody a pirated copy for like $50.
  9. if anybody wants to make an offer I can always change the buy it now price.
  10. iracemx199

    Zoom G9.2tt

    on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=120297465115
  11. I have a peavey valveking half stack to trade
  12. i have a peavey valveking head to trade
  13. I have a peavey valveking cabinet
  14. if you want to just buy it outright we can work out some shipping
  15. sorry. I don't really have any money for shipping and I'm really looking to get a different amp.
  16. i'll trade you a B-52 AT100 head for the valveking head what about shipping?
  17. $350 shipped to anywhere in the US
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