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  1. I have a peavey valveking head. sounded awesome when I ran my zoom G9.2tt through it
  2. if you sell this, hit me up and I'll sell you my valveking head.
  3. i know this was resolved already but if you are going to accuse somebody of selling stolen goods.....make sure it was the SAME TYPE OF GOODS that were stolen! I don't even keep up with music and gear news very well but even i knew it was the COMBOS not the HEADS. Come on people! nobody accused anybody of anything. we simply asked for the serial number. And if it was implied that it was stolen, maybe I know someone whose tiny terror head was stolen.
  4. sure...ill trade this amp...for $450
  5. peavey valveking head to trade + cash?
  6. Only the combos were stolen. Not heads. yes, that has already been said.
  7. peavey valveking head or cab?
  8. lol u want my liscense and registration too? ....how about my social security number?...come on bro...its not stolen its not that hard to just give a serial number. and it definitely doesn't reveal anything about your identity. obviously, being hesitant about giving the serial number implies that there is something fishy going on. :poke:
  9. Got a serial number so people can be sure it's not a stolen one?
  10. trade for a peavey valveking half stack?
  11. i have a peavey valveking half stack i would trade for the jcm 800
  12. I have a peavey valveking cab??
  13. I've been trying to sell my Valveking stack on HC for weeks. nobody wants one. just giving you a heads up:thu:
  14. iracemx199


    does it look like this? I have a peavey valveking head to trade you?
  15. it does when there's only a day left. I bet you it won't go over 700
  16. and based on how the auction has gone so far, if I bidded on ebay, I could probably win it for about $600. you trying to tell me that my valveking halfstack which I purchased for close to $1000 a year ago is not worth $600.
  17. Dude, iracemx199, your Valveking offers are getting old. I'm not sure if you are joking around or not but if you're not you should really learn the market value of your amp right now in order to make fair offers. that amp is still the same price as when I bought it new 1 year ago, and it looks brand new, I don't know why nobody wants it.
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