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  1. I have a marshall guv'nor plus to trade + cash
  2. You've distilled your argument to it's core. Free bump. move along... (more free bumps)
  3. Again, you have no idea what you are talking about. That pedal has been "backordered" for YEARS. You can not buy it from pedalgeek.com. Try it. These pedals do not compare sonically either. Move along. :blah::blah::blah:
  4. you can buy the newer one here for $349 http://www.pedalgeek.com/cgi-bin/new_shop.cgi?config=&uid=&uzc=&command=link--sibed seems like it has a lot more features than this rare, limited "red version"
  5. hello??? I made an offer... :poke:
  6. the newer models are better and are cheaper than $350
  7. how bout $800 shipped for the marshall?
  8. Excellent condition. Sounds great, very nice speakers. A little normal wear and tear from carrying it around and getting it in and out of my car, nothing serious though. I'm look to get $350 for it. I really don't want to ship it, but if you want to pay the shipping costs then I won't stop you. I can drive to meet you or you can come pick it up locally. I live in Dover, DE zip code 19901.
  9. head is sold!!!!!!! cab is still available. make an offer
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