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  1. 68 charger 71 challenger any Duesenberg ever bmw z8 + almost any good looking muscle car (that isnt a mustang... for some reason i just cant get along with them) Love GTO's and Chevelles and Novas and all that. I would have a jaguar e-type on this list, but they were booted off after i got in one and found out that they have less room than a Smartcar.
  2. dude it has an original kahler on it. Go to a REAL appraisal person and get that shit appraised. Its definitely worth more than 300.
  3. Does it blow the fuse before you turn off the standby? - if yes, then something in your bias circuit is fried. Due to the delay, i'd bet that its the filter capacitor.
  4. lots of people are allergic to aspartame. Gives major headaches and vertigo.
  5. can you imagine how loud it would be if you yanked a power tube or something while the amp was on? No idea. Preamp tubes are loud because they're at the beginning of the signal chain, and anything you do to them will be vastly amplified. I was hitting a 6100lm on the lead channel, which has 4 gainstages + cathode followers, and some other madness. So anything microphonic would be loud. Microphonic powertubes are barely audible, just sound like quiet metal clanking on glass.
  6. Yup, exactly the same. Except quicker. I'd play for 10 minutes and the bass would start going away, and then it would get shrill and trebley. And after a while longer it would suddenly come back for a bit before going away again. Then i tapped one of my preamp tubes with an eraser, and it sounded like a bomb went off - VERY loud bang sound through the speakers and thats when i knew hahahha.
  7. I had this with my marshall. Preamp tubes were the problem.
  8. do not want. Do not even want to build a klone. Does not sound good enough to warrant the hour of my time to assemble it.
  9. psh pedal? I just plug into a dark amp
  10. Could the Electra Dyne maybe be Mesa's answer to a suitable Stoner amp for the brand ??? Would also love to hear an older Stage I Mesa Stiletto Duece on the most stoner-like settings and with much, much "warmer-than-stock" valves/toobs. (...with 2 Private Jacks & 2 Swamp Thangs in an x-pattern) if the electradyne is just mesa tone in a jcm800 format, then yes i woudl say so. If you get the simple lower gain structure, simple controls, with extra mids and low end. It woudl be thunky. I'd love to try one. But honestly, the best stoner tones i've been able to create have been from tweed style fenders, sunns, and fuzzes.
  11. ZOMG! CRYSIS MASS EFFECT AND THE OVERLORDS??!?!?! Theyre like my 3 fav games. hahahaha
  12. I get the POG, but isn't a Mark amp too tight and fast responding in the low end for any Stoner and/or DOOM yes. I would say so. If the mark series are tighter than rectifiers, and i found a rectifier on the bold setting with tube rectification too tight, then marks will be way too tight. (bold setting is looser feeling than spongey - gives you a nice boost in the mids and bass)
  13. Eh, Vista is fine. Brutally slower? Show it to me, because I'm not getting it. I've run into minor issues with my m-audio sound card, but beyond that, I'm just not seeing it. {censored} works. But then again, I'm not going to be a big OS (three letter F word deleted by Phil - I'm not issuing you a temp ban - ONLY because it's Christmas eve... :cop) that picks apart something just for the sake of complaining. I gave up on that years ago. Windos ME? Yikes. heres a speed comparison for ya. I have a machine that has seen all 3 OS's. Its decent, 2.4ghz duo core, 2 gigs ram (at the time), 8800gtx, fast hdd's, nice mobo, etc etc. Now, using crysis as my benchmark, between xp32 and vista32, with the same senttings in directx9, i was losing 1/3d of my frames on the same settings. It was worse with directx10. General processing was slower, windows took longer to load, startup time was slower, everything was slower with vista32. So i ditched it SO fast. Year later, my harddrive failed, so i got a new one. Lost my xp32 disk, so i just downloaded the new win7x64 release candidate. It turned out that i gained 2 frames in crysis at my regular settings. You typically expect more load on your hardware when upgrading to a 64 bit system, and therefore some slowdown, but win7 was actually faster than xp32. Vista has NO chance of even being comparable in speed with XP, on the same hardware. Yes it uses more memory, but everything about it is faster. Startup, program load time, all of the visual effects are smoother (like the window transparencies and stuff - that destroyed vista), and this was BEFORE the win7 drivers came out for my card - i was forced into using vista64 drivers. A big contributor with the speed difference is that win7 doesnt load your computer with useless services like vista does; did you know that default vista loads a service for reading a tablet or touchscreen, even if you dont have one? And somehow they trimmed down the gpu load whilst maintaining the same visual effects with aero and crap like that. So yes, there is a dramatic speed difference.
  14. jesus christ i painted the walls and ceiling with my seed.
  15. Don't look at me. I'm happy with vista. I won't touch 7 before a service pack hits. That {censored} is just common sense. common sense with vista, but not common sense when you know that vista SP1 is brutally slower, less efficient, and just as glitchy as win7.
  16. i do pointer finger and pinky all the time. Its easier for me. I have small hands and play on a baseball bat neck though.
  17. 1. dont use internet explorer 2. update ALL of your hardware 3. Get a new antivirus. 90% of computer fixins that i do are because of {censored}ty antiviruses causing problems. I've seen srsly ridiculous stuff too, like McAfee causing wireless cards to undergo hardware failures, and starting blue screens. Norton is safe, Kapersky is safe, Panda is safe. AVG and McAfee create problems.
  18. with heavy dependence on your amp, i'd suggest bluebeard fuzz. For guitar, it doesnt really like clean marshall channels, or british amps in general. I use mine into a sunn model T clone, with the channels set on the very edge of clean - pick light its clean - pick normal it dirts up. Sunn model T is kinda like a bassman tweaked for more bass. Anyways, the thing just absolutely CRUSHES. I can cop Sunn O)))'s tone no problem, and get very very close to High On Fire's song Ethereal. Make a tweak to the bass knob, and use my neck pickup, and i can almost get the texture of Sleep's Dopesmoker. Best part about it, is UNLIKE other muffs, the eq on the bluebeard does NOT sweep the mids. It only really switches the amount of high end that the pedal has. That, and the gain structure is less wooly and soft, and has much more grit. But yeah, it likes american style bass amps for guitar. And crushes. If you dont have an amp like that, i wouldnt recommend it.
  19. the ATOMIC BITCHWAX great jam/stoner band. If you're into fun guitar, this band is for you.
  20. muff + fender style amp on edge of breakup = CRUSHING AWESOMENESS. I builded my sunnclone thinger, which is easily compared to a bassman thinger, and i set it right where its clean when i pick gently, but dirty if i pick normally, and get my bluebeard into it and the thing CRUSHES. Like, roars. The other day i managed to get it to sound just like Sunn O))), and sometimes i get it reminiscent of the most recent High on Fire album.
  21. awwww shiiiiiiot noice remember, play on the neck pickup, always.
  22. i just painted the ceiling with my genetic material
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