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  1. Aw C'mon, this sucker does everything and has been very reliable for me!
  2. Excellent Condition CARVIN R1000 (Redline Series) Bass Head Serial # 926858 Foot switch included Specs:Stereo 8ohm 225/225w,4ohm 350/350w,2ohm 500/500w Specs Bridged 8ohm 700w,4ohm 1000w Compressor,Noise Gate,Parametric EQ,9-Band EQ,Crossover. Passive and Active inputs,Speaker outs 1/4'' jacks. Can be racked(2-space) http://www.carvinguitars.com/manuals/R600-R1000-seriesIII.pdf This thing does everything! Thanks for looking 253.255.3051 green7golf@yahoo.com Frank I'll look into shipping cost.
  3. Hi, I'm interested in the word Gunfight, in Silver or copper coloring that would be going on to a black MIM Jazz bass headstock.
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