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  1. My 1 bedroom w/ den apartment costs more than most posters make in a month and it's the lowest we could pay and still be safe.
  2. They said around half the price of the custom shop run, does that still bring it down to affordable? The custom shop cabronita was $5k soooo... $2.5k is more affordable but still not in the realm most people are in.
  3. I'm glad they went with the compact tu-1000 size.
  4. thank you Daniel Jep What would be the closest in that for 11's? You are welcome sir! Every combo you could ask for http://store.daddario.com/category/144876/XL_Nickel_Round_Wound
  5. Hey, does anyone know what kind of strings come with G&L's? They are the strings with the green, red, purple, etc colored ball ends. I love them, they have lasted forever. D'addario XL 10's
  6. Cool. For whatever reason, I was thinking that the standard size MFD's were nearly as hot as the bigger ones in the ASAT. Not true? The big MFD's are just a few hairs hotter than the standard sized. The difference in volume is not NEARLY as extreme as single coil to humbucker, more like humbucker to p-90.
  7. Have you compared the MFD bridge to one of their standard bridge pups, Dan? I have an s-500 with standard sized MFD's in it. It's a pretty good sounding PU but I have to roll the tone back on it about half way when I'm using just the bridge pickup to keep it from getting to brittle. The thing I like about the MFD's in the strat is they aren't traditional strat sounding, they have a little hotter output and are a little beefier sounding than an alnico pickup. The consensus with the traditional alnico v. MFD's is you either love them or hate them... I'm a fan.
  8. I have an alder USA Asat special. It's a great guitar, you'll love it. I agree with Crxsh's sentiments about the hollow v. semi-hollow, if you have a lot of volume and OD. The solid body seems like the best fit for you. I actually love the bridge pickup especially with driving dirt tones because it's got a higher output than a tradition single and doesn't have the shrill high that a bridge single coil can have.
  9. I don't know how it's worked out like this but I've bought a new guitar every year since '04... I don't own most of them anymore, but that's another story.
  10. I still have the green one. I miss the gretsch in certain situations, it sounded so killer through a fender amp.
  11. +10000000 on this one! While I wholeheartedly agree with this and have loved mine every day since I bought it, it's a bit outside the $100-250 price that the OP wants to spend.
  12. What about the idiots that email you asking for you to sell them your item for 15% of its original selling point when it's in excellent condition.
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