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  1. How do you get a bass player to get off of your front porch? Pay for the pizza.
  2. I just found out I was hero of the day a while back.  Unfortunately I don't have any recollection of what I said to deserve this award.  Whatever it was I am sure to still agree with it though, so 'thanks'.

  3. All alone, or in twos The ones who really love you Walk up and down outside the Wall And when they've given you their all Some stagger, and fall After all it's not easy Banging your hearts against some mad bugger's wall (Is this the end, or the beginning?)
  4. 'Hot Poop' -- The last track on "We're only in it for the Money" was a sped-up* and reversed section from a different track ('Mother People'), which had been censored by the record company on the original release. (In later years the CD version was published replete with the naughty words). *Edit: It was in fact slowed waaay down so that it sounded sped-up when played at 33 1/3rd RPM. I said 'sped-up' in the same way as one might say 'unloosen'.
  5. Makes me glad that the whole 'spaceship' thing was just just a bad dream Jimi had one night. ('And you will never hear Surf Music again...')
  6. Well, yeah. Someone (you, perchance?) said this topic was a big kettle of subjectivity, and no truer words have been spoken. For me though it really comes down to the content. When I first heard Brittney Spears' 'Hit Me', I knew it was solid gold. I think that number would have worked even if it hadn't been over-produced. Though over-production certainly didn't hurt it, the production was transparent, as it should be. Now, while I really didn't care much for the content itself in this instance, it still shined through. So well in fact that the Zappa Brothers absolutely KILLED with it. (and furthered the over-production in the process...)
  7. Well, I thought we were talking about recording quality, not to be confused with production quality. Keeping with ZZ Top as the example, the production quality of all 50+ years is stellar. Esp. when Bill Hamm was the 4th member of the band. But 'First Album' -in all it's spartan, stripped-down, naked glory stands out. I feel like I need to mention Billie Holiday here as well. We don't REALLY, really, REALLY, really REALLY know what she sounded like. The equipment used, as well as the environment itself all converge into the end result, each adding its own color along the way. The beauty of the recording art is in NOT having to 'put it in post' (ie: fix it later). I read about Hendrix going from being a barely containable animal in the studio, mere moments from being given a plane ticket home to being fascinated with what Kramer was doing and staying up all night with him, helping and learning. Certainly one can admit that the stereo mixing for that album was stellar, even by today's standards. Stereo being a burgeoning thing still in 1967 makes it all the more a standout. But that was all 'post'. In computer vernacular they say GIGO, and it applies. One simply cannot polish a turd (even with 'autotune' -- Yven eth nioj!)
  8. Have you heard Van Halen's new album yet? (Don't feel bad. Neither has anyone else...)
  9. ZZ Top's First Album: No studio tricks. Or Dave Van Ronk's 'No Dirty Names'. I think you can hear a small plane flying in the background on one of the tracks. That effect was NOT planned; it was purely organic. Like bathroom reverb.
  10. What I find ironic is the suggestion that a rapper actually did something original which might be subject to copyright protection. AFAIC they all owe royalties to the Estate of Woody Guthrie.
  11. Well, they say that when you get to 69 you have to turn around, but I don't think that's what they meant. RIP and thanks for all the great entertainment! [video=youtube;cxvMGe8bK7o]
  12. Yes, but only because I have to pay a buck to hear more than the teasers (which, btw, I liked!)
  13. Just for you, Craig: (closest to original I have found) AND, a rework of the same number by a heavily jass-influenced 'folk' artist, with an added verse: (let's see if anyone can figure out how he REALLY played it...)
  14. I can't find a cite for this since I got it from a magazine some 40 years ago but Fats Domino said he didn't care if someone else made a buck on Blueberry Hill. He got paid and everyone else found a thrill too. Of course this is paraphrased, but that was his sentiment. It was certainly better for him than being a busboy or bellhop.
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