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  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous. Had I not just purchased a new Ibby a few weeks ago I would be taking one of these off your hands.
  2. Item is no longer available. Thanks everyone for your interest!
  3. Item no longer available. Thanks for your interest everyone!
  4. "Wait" remains on my top 5 greatest solos ever. It's brilliantly constructed.
  5. His tone on that album does rock, but the tone on Superheroes is like Top 10 O f All Time good tone. Laneys with the Superdistortion and the PAF pro is what I always heard back then as well. First two albums were Lee Jackson modified Marshall. Supposedly ALL the Shrapnel amps would record with it...Mike Varney insists on it. The tone of the first two is good with the LJ modified Marshallbut sounds a bit thin on rhythms.
  6. No boosts. NWOBHM was not that distorted. Moderate gain, master cranked and EQ to taste. 75's of course :-) I've definitely remained closer to that tone by not using boosts so far. My base tone is real close but I think the cab sim isn't quite there. Going to try some impulses later tonight then post some clips tomorrow to get some feedback.
  7. New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. My Pod XT actually sounds better hit with a real boost pedal than it does the internal boost modeling. Obviously not an Axe-FX, but take it for what it's worth. I assume glenecho is planning on using the onboard models for the boost, but when you assume... I am using the onboard boosts. So far with the advice on this thread I'm getting a pretty decent tone without a boost though. Probably was making the same mistake that I was in the 80s...and that is NOT turning the {censored}er up. It's one thing to turn up the volume but another thing altogether to also push the Master Volume. With both on roughly 6.5 I'm starting to get the British tone dialed in better. Then I'm kicking in a (virtual) SD-1 for a solo boost along with a touch of delay. With the neck pickup on I'm starting to get into that Dave Murray neck tone area. FWIW, I also used to boost my Pod XT with a (real) Bad Monkey. It worked wonders for it. So far I haven't tried it with the AxeFX but the higher gain models have a lot more definition than the Pod's so I haven't found myself needing to use as many boosts. Thanks for all the advice so far fellas.
  8. Ya, boost w/ a tubescreamer or something like that. Don't max out the master volume, it does flub the bass up. Back it off to around 6-8. At least that's what I like on my 2204, dunno about the 2203 or channel switchers. Dial the treble to taste but don't try fight the brightness of the amp by turning the treble way down, embrace it for what it is. The tube screamer cuts some of the bass so you can dial the bass knob in to taste, without a boost I tend run the bass fairly low and just let the amp scream. A super distortion in the bridge really adds to the classic maiden flavor as well IMO. Yep...that's what I'm using...a Super Distortion in the bridge of a gold top Les Paul.
  9. On Marshalls, more mids = more crunch. Try turning the mids up and the bass down. I'll give that a shot. Also...was there anything that those bands liked to boost 800's with?
  10. OK...well first of all let me just preface this by saying that I'm not trying to pull this off on a REAL JCM800...I'm using my AxeFX...so get all of your flames out right now. OK...the JCM800 model is much like I remember the real JCM being...that is, to me, not quite enough gain and when I push it hard the bass gets flubby. I'm trying to get good early 80s type NWOBHM tones, similar to Maiden/classic Priest etc. Anyone got any hints for how to get some definition into this {censored}er? I used to have the same issues with real 800s. Ideally, something like the Defenders of the Faith tone or Number of the Beast type tones would be cool. Am I barking up the wrong tree even TRYING to use a JCM800 model? I'm generally pairing the JCM model with a Celestion 75 type cabinet as I understand that was considered THE combination, but who knows. Any hints or suggestions greatly appreciated.
  11. Bumping to tempt Eric again, giving Somata a chance to get out his credit card (via PayPal), and reminding glenecho that we're 4 hours away from Thursday. I'm not gonna be able to come up this weekend because my last window of time to do it was just filled with a Saturday rehearsal. I'm gonna have to hold off at least another week...sorry.
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