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  1. OK...well first of all let me just preface this by saying that I'm not trying to pull this off on a REAL JCM800...I'm using my AxeFX...so get all of your flames out right now. OK...the JCM800 model is much like I remember the real JCM being...that is, to me, not quite enough gain and when I push it hard the bass gets flubby. I'm trying to get good early 80s type NWOBHM tones, similar to Maiden/classic Priest etc. Anyone got any hints for how to get some definition into this {censored}er? I used to have the same issues with real 800s. Ideally, something like the Defenders of the Faith tone or Number of the Beast type tones would be cool. Am I barking up the wrong tree even TRYING to use a JCM800 model? I'm generally pairing the JCM model with a Celestion 75 type cabinet as I understand that was considered THE combination, but who knows. Any hints or suggestions greatly appreciated.
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