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  1. Where the hell did they get this list of "toneWoods" Ash is a popular tonewood for acoustics? Mahogany and maple paired together? WTF Ash is a popular tonewood known for its pleasing resonance. Basswood is an inexpensive tonewood often found on lower-priced acoustic guitars. Cedar is a good tonewood for the top of a guitar. Rosewood is one of the most popular tonewood choices. It is most often seen on the fretboard. Spruce, like cedar, is a fairly inexpensive tonewood for the top of an acoustic guitar. It typically gets good results. Mahogany and maple are two of the best tonewoods, especially when paired together.
  2. There is a Video link of me playing it in the OP
  3. Recently started looking at Pearl Jam's song Daughter which is in GGDGAD. What should be my concern level of tuning some pricey instruments up? The E goes up 1 1/2 steps.
  4. Thanks Freeman this being the first time around I did not know what to expect. All in All it cost 300 which I think is more then fair and it was complete in a week.
  5. So I just got the guitar back from the Luthier, The neck angle is much improved and I am happy with the increased lifespan added to this guitar. This is my first guitar to get a neck reset so not sure what the expectation is. I did not some cosmetic blemishes.
  6. That is a beauty would love to hear how it sounds!
  7. Thanks Freeman, I will toss a straight edge on it tonight but the action is acceptable I'ld be surprised if the bridge has 1/16th of saddle. I'll add some pictures tonight tomorrow to give a visual. Sounds like it will need a reset. The luthier emailed me back when I asked about why he doesn't do Guild Neck resets and it's exactly what you said. The finish gets messed up and the time it takes to fix it properly isn't worth the money for the neck reset. Now I just got to find someone good enough to do the work right that isn't going to turn it down because of the finishing issues.
  8. got a interesting response from a Luthier I emailed. "I don't do Resets on Guilds anymore. Thanks for considering my shop" Anyone know why he would single out Guilds not to do resets on?
  9. I find it strange that most who don't listen to music now say it is partly because of the crap the music industry puts out now. There is great new music out there. Itunes and the internet has made it far easier for less radio friendly acts to sell and get their name out. Check out Colter Wall, and Tyler Childers. Nothing inspires me to play more than finding a new artist that excites me.
  10. Picked up a 1977 Guild on Reverb. The guitar is in amazing shape for it's age and sounds great. However the saddle is barely keeping the strings from catching the bridge. Question is when do I get the neck reset. She sounds good and action is acceptable. It's obviously going to have to happen but do I do it now or should I wait until the action is bad? Below is a video if you want to hear what it sounds like. This is a cover of a Colter Wall Song. https://www.dropbox.com/s/srb6yup4kmbw1si/Video%20Apr%2002%2C%206%2057%2056%20PM.mov?dl=0
  11. True my point was more that I don't think it's fair judgement in this case because the audience did not go their to see music.
  12. I think it's a little judgy to say the people don't like or appreciate music just because they are going about there business in the mall. When I got to the mall it's a get in, get what I need and get out as quick as possible situation. I probably would have stopped and listened to him for a minute or two. There are a ton of videos out there of great famous musicians in disguise on subways and sidewalks with the same reaction. I doubt you would see the same reaction in a blues bar on a Friday night.
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