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  1. - I used to think (based on an article I'd read in Guitar that I misinterpreted) that fuzz objectively was "bad" distortion because it was so primitive. Guitar technology has come so far that we can now achieve truly great high gain distortion, and it has to come from the amp itself. All pedal distortion is bad and primitive. - Guitar players who don't spend most of their time shredding at impossible speeds are talentless and should be ignored. - Playing fast is a mark of true ability on guitar. - The Boss DS-1 sounds bad because it's digital. - When you're playing through a high gain amp, it doesn't matter what guitar you play, because it all sounds the same. The amp is the important piece. - Failing to realize that music theory is more a standardized system of communicating musical ideas verbally rather than a system of rules for a piece of music to be good.
  2. Originally Posted by Zetor I thought that a whammy bar was operated by rotating the bar itself clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on how you wanted to change the pitch. I still don
  3. I fear for you. I, too, live in SE Michigan, and the Western side gets a lot more snow. When it snows, drive slowly. Embarrassingly slowly. And read this: http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+drive+in+snow What he said. We get a fair amount of snow in SE Michigan. The western side of the state is like Siberia, man, dude to being right off the lake. Be very afraid. As far as driving in it, it's not really that bad. Just go slow.
  4. Multiplication in the time domain is convolution in the frequency domain. Vice versa Sum and Difference frequencies Intermodal Distortion complex chords will sound like {censored}. Basic principle of math. This. Applying a spectral gate (which, even with the "spectral gate" mode disengaged, is essentially how I understand the HOG works) to a chord that produces abrasive harmonic content in the upper register will only further amplify that dissonance when it is highlighted. Of course, I usually use my HOG with a Leslie Simulator, anyway, so it's no skin off of my ass In reality, the only chords I've had noticeable problems with were anything involving a major 7th or minor 2nd (and for our purposes, those intervals are inversely related, anyway), and that was only with the upper harmonic sliders dialed up.
  5. All prices include shipping. All pedal units have velcro. Lightfoot Labs black Goatkeeper version 3 - $280 Wampler Pinnacle - $140 Dr. Scientist the Elements #138 - $160 WMD Super Fatman - $130 Other stuff: Dr. Z Airbrake attenuator: This is the higher-wattage gray Airbrake. Works fantastic, but I don't use it. $280 Korg Kaoss Pad KP3: serial number (21)00011596. $250 Terratec Axon AX50 Guitar-to-MIDI converter: mint condition, all software, cables, etc, included. I have this as a backup to a couple of other MIDI converters I have, but I can't justify keeping it around any longer. $400. The only trades I would be interested in would be for a Micro POG or an EHX Microsynth. Cash monies would be preferred -- I'm broke!
  7. http://www.ehx.com/products/hog :( I mean, I have mine, but still.
  8. Also, I love Bill Ruppert's demo of this, but the last one sounds nothing like an Orchestron. ZO3A_nhNf54
  9. Six minutes?!? You aint a true droner until you've done at least one 40 minute track... I like the Super Ego. It's an improvement on the Freeze, but if you already got one of those, the Auto function isn't worth upgrading for. The ability to layer in latch mode is very good though... Honestly, just being able to kill the dry signal means a lot, too. I think EHX kinda {censored}ed up with the Freeze by not having a knob for the dry level.
  10. HCFX board users complaining that new pedal designs suck because everyone else that browses HCFX is too uncreative to use it in a creative manner is sort of like showing up at a Tool show as a fan of Tool and complaining the whole time about Tool fans. I'm trying to teach your son about the universe.
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