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  1. From what I've read, I don't know how reliable it is, Eastman sources a lot of their wood from the same supplier as Collings. Have to wait until Tuesday. Feels like waiting for Christmas. Hate to admit it, but looking at other Eastmans is making me salivate. This will be my 7th six string acoustic. I think I've got enough. They do make a nice LP copy, though. 😜
  2. Well, to be fair, I still own one of their models: a 2015-- 320, hog/sapele. I made a mistake of selling my D-15, and then they pretty much doubled in price, here. I tried this out and found that I pretty much preferred it to the D-15. That was a weird guitar, really. Sometimes it sounded fantastic, like a Martin should sound, and other times it sounded muffled. The 320 is consistent in tone, has a really nice bass, and I tend to use it for drop D or DADGAD. I am thinking of selling it for another Eastman, but I doubt I will. It's the sitka topped Taylors that I find uninspiring.
  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder. everyone is different. Some people view instruments from a strictly utilitarian perspective, some see them as works of art. Personally, I really love nice acoustic guitars. I don't have the money for a Collings or a Lowden, but what I do have makes me smile everytime I play them. Having a bunch of nice guitars, I'd have a hard time really enjoying an inexpensive to mid.-priced guitar like a Yamaha: unless I was in the position where that was all that was available.
  4. A trip to Nazareth would come for me only after a lotto win. Then, I'd be a kid in a candy store.
  5. I have no idea how many guitars they make in Nazareth per year, but I guess they had to automate to keep up with demand (and cut costs, of course. What would capitalism be without cutting costs and increasing profits via automation)... Nevertheless, I've had a couple of bad ones and mediocre ones come my way. In contrast, Taylors all seem pretty much the same. I find something sterile about their sound, and the feel also seems, I dunno, exactly the same across instruments, but not in my favourite way. It is what it is, I guess.
  6. Thanks! It is a mini-cannon. I had the dread version a few years ago, but it was bigger than my D-28, just enough to make it uncomfortable to play sitting down, so I sold it. This is a perfect size for me, and the bass is quite surprising. Heavier than I thought it would be, though. I wonder how much of the cannon will be left after the action is lowered to my specs.
  7. Lovely guitar. Received a fair deal (for Europe, anyways). It's with my luthier friend getting set up. I'll have more to say about it when I get it back. All solid wood; Adi spruce top, Adi scalloped braces, solid mahogany back and sides, ebony fretboard. Goes from 0-11 in one strum.
  8. I still buy CDs when I need to fill gaps in my collection. I am now my parents, insofar that I really don't find any modern music appealing or as 'good' as it was when I was growing up. So, that is a limiting factor. Next CD that is already pre-ordered is the Abbey Road remix. I very rarely buy mp3s, generally only when there's only one or two songs I want from an artist. Now, get off my lawn.
  9. Well, it lasted me 4 years, almost exactly, though I don't how long brother owned it. I don't remember there being anything wrong with it, per se, in terms of playability. I was pretty damned determined to learn, though, and by the time I gave it to someone when I was 18, I was capable of not making a complete fool of myself on the guitar. I don't know how I would've progressed had the guitar been utterly unplayable, though. These days, you can get a decent guitar in the 300-350 range, and if set up properly, will carry a determined beginner a long way.
  10. Yeah, my first guitar was an Aria 12 string I bought off my brother for $50CAD when I was 14. It was never strung as a 12er, yet the neck had buckled by the time I was 18. Then again, $50 bucks in 1974 is a lot more than $50 these days.
  11. The OP's avatar looks slightly scurrilous.
  12. Eastman has a very affordable introduction line, I think they come in under $300 USD street, a bit more for the model with cutaway and pickup. I think it is called PCH. I would absolutely check them out if you can. Eastman makes guitars that punch far above their weight.
  13. BTW, when I lived in Ottawa, A Cash Converters shop was busted for buying and fencing stolen goods. I knew a couple of the people working there, not well, but I did go in to look at guitars from time to time.
  14. Good score! My G-2070 Supranatura cost me €330, but it was definitely worth it. Nothing 'layered,' either.
  15. If you get a good one, they're the best mass-produced guitars out there. My 2013 OM-21 is my 'run back into a burning house for' and 'pry from my cold, dead hands' guitar. Too bad that the Martin I would be interested in is well over €3,000. I don't have that kind of money to spend on a guitar, these days. I just bought an Eastman E10OM instead. A lot of our discretionary income has gone towards travelling the last few years. No regrets about that, at all.
  16. That's one reason why I won't buy American guitars anymore.
  17. Well, first my bookmarked link didn't work. I thought the site was down for maintenance or shuffled off its mortal coil. It took a couple of times checking again to find the 'Forums' under the 'Browse' menu. I would somehow make the path to the forums more obvious.
  18. Looks like you'll have to do something in the registration process to block the spammers. It took me a few tries to get here, btw.
  19. I'd look for a 2nd hand Walden Supranatura. They are all solid wood. I have a G-2070 that I got off someone for around €300. It is worth more than twice that, imo. Also Eastman has a new line of budget guitars, the PCH series. Eastman makes some great guitars that punch far above their weight.
  20. I need new glasses. I first read that as 'my new acoustic is a dendy.'
  21. When I play guitar, I don't notice the wood on the bottom of the guitar. The only decent Gibson acoustic I ever played (1 in about 7, I think) that sounded really good was a J-29. Would've bought it, too, if the dealer had offered a better deal. Anyways, enjoy!
  22. I just wrote a review for the Gretsch 12 string I bought over the holidays. I first started out with just stars, and then wrote the review afterwards. Basically, I said that the guitar needed some serious work by a luthier to get the action and intonation correct. Of course, it was more detailed than that, and the store has now yanked my star review, and hasn't published my written one, lol. No, I don't feel bad.
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