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  1. Nothing to see here...dum de dum....
  2. Me too! Jameson's is my fave Irish whiskey.
  3. Mod, Please remove. Thanks, Glenn
  4. Doesn't the bbs have captcha or other bot filters? Given the level of traffic here these days, it might be better to approve new members personally. Honestly, I know you're doing the best you can, but seeing all the spam at the top every morning is a turnoff.
  5. Been there, done that. Again, twice. Were named Gertrude and Heathcliff.
  6. Lol. My neurosis on full display... It's been a while since the little mönkey has gotten out to play so crazily. I already have a Taylor 320,:hog/sapele dread. Rib rattler, great for alt-tuning. I want a good spruce/hog combo. The one I'm getting doesn't have an ebony fretboard, something I usually aim for. it would be nice to walk into a local shop and there'd be 5 or 6 guitars all on my radar, waiting for me to try them out.
  7. After a thorough thrashing out with it last week, I've declared the truce over and am sending it back. Again. As I've said above, the guitar just doesn't suit my hands, and there's no getting around that. The sound was amazing, but that isn't enough. The shop has graciously allowed me leeway over the 30 day guarantee period to send it back (again) and choose another. my first thought was a Blueridge BR-243A, and it is still in the running. There's something about owning a BR, mass produced dipped in poly that doesn't appeal, so I am trying out a small maker, BSG, for a spruce/mahogany OM. trouble with having nice guitars is that I'm now harder to please.
  8. Neck is also slightly chunkier than I am used to, and it is a short scale. All of these variables probably play some role. I put some .011-.052s on it, and it is much better, and no real sacrifice of sound depth. My wife said "that guitar doesn't need lights." She loves the sound, too. Gonna see if I can lower the action a little bit, too. If the sound wasn't what it is, I wouldn't be going to this trouble.
  9. It's kind of a truce. Further thoughts: it is more difficult to play than my Martins and Lakewoods. Returning to form means this isn't a deal breaker, as I can play it now without stumbling around, but it is a fact. The frets, while properly dressed, are a bit high. Fingerpicking, the strings seem a bit stiff. Where it absolutely shines is chord strumming/picking, and use with a capo. The sound is clear, powerful, and sweet. I have PB nano Lights on it now. I'll see how it feels with custom lights next change. as for the guitar coming from the PRC, I have my qualms, sure. Only 4/16 of my guitars are from China. Not gonna lose sleep over it.
  10. Sometimes a guitar is just a guitar.
  11. It took until today to get here, due to a holiday last week. What can I say? The problem was entirely with me and my lack of practice. I've never experienced it to that degree. Kind of shocked, really. It's instructive that I looked for external reasons rather than the most obvious internal one: lack of practicing. The post-setup E10OM is very easy to play, sounds gorgeous, looks gorgeous, and is a keeper. Any criticism I leveled above should be taken with a salt quarry.
  12. I'd love that too, Freeman. As long as your son doesn't do anything to hasten the process. I really was very disappointed with the one I tried. The only reason why I'd even pay $500 for it would be unethical. And now, a couple of other units have shown up at the shop, and I am trying not to second-guess my fifth-guess decision. I would've had to give up my Taylor 320 to do the deal, as well. The Taylor is a superior guitar to that D-18. Meanwhile, I am getting re-acquainted with my collection, and getting myself back up to scratch. Very strange to not play so often (other than a few minutes noodling) and to see my skill seriously degraded. I have to let that be a lesson to me. Use it or lose it.
  13. The D-18 both sucked and stank. I'm still waiting for my Eastman back.
  14. Guilds haven't really done it for me, but I've only ever played 1 'real' one, a D55, and that was 42 years ago. The Pac-Rim Guilds I've tried ranged from ok to meh. An interesting angle would also be 'what do I do when my BL guitar completely underwhelms me?' There's still some niggle in my brain that the D-18 I had was a 'Monday guitar,' and I just need to try a few more before I find one that sounds and plays well enough to be worthy of the headstock. My wife would divorce me if I tried to tread down that path. The Eastman OM completely outclassed the Martin dread. Get it back tomorrow, if I'm lucky.
  15. The only guitars, at this point, that would make any kind of bucket-list would all be post-lotto win gits, like a Lowden or Collings. I have an embassassment of riches with my collection. I just mostly need motivation to keep progressing as a guitarist, something that I'm finding harder and harder to do. I'm happy the D-18 didn't work out. Now I can stop muttering it under my breath when I get into one of my 'moods.'
  16. I do expect different results, lol. As for the whole GAS thing, yeah, the process stopped being fun a long time ago, especially when the first intended guitar doesn't ring my bell. There was a 3rd issue with this guitar: me. I noticed I was stumbling around on my other guitars. It was almost a complete neglect of my playing for well over a year, and my hands lost both their dexterity and callouses. Never happened that badly, it was scary. I have diabetes II, and I thought I was developing peripheral neuropathy. Been woodshedding the last couple of weeks and whatever skill I have on guitar is returning. So, I am confident about the Eastman this time. Basically, though, I'm just like the Farside comic: "Just plain nuts."
  17. The D-18 was a huge disapointment. It must've been a bad unit, but it's killed my desire for one as a final B-L guitar. I've asked the the E10OM back. Should have it back by the end of the week.
  18. The only D-35 I ever got to try, about 10 years ago, now, is probably the most 'cannon-esque' Martin I've ever played. Should've snapped it up, in retrospect. You could feel that guitar in your ribcage. It completely stunned me. I never knew an acoustic guitar could sound/feel like that. the Eastman, is similar. The bass is surprising, I can feel it in my ribcage, and the sound goes to 11. Gentle strumming fills a room with sound, and it is a beautiful tone. I was hasty in sending it back after the setup because the 30 day return window was closing. So, now I'll get it back with my hands somewhat back in playing shape. I still stand by my recommendation of the E10OM. It is a great guitar—as long as you aren't bothered by the string-spacing or fret height too much. I mean, it just clobbered a Martin @2x the price.
  19. We can agree to disagree on the Martins. My OM-21 is my 'run back into a burning flat' guitar. My D-28 is starting to open up, a phenomenon I am highly skeptical about, but, nevertheless, seems to be happening. Both these guitars have the Martin magic, both have been set up perfectly for me, both for strumming and fingerpicking, without buzz or fretting out. My 000-M has some of that magic as well, as it clearly sounds like Martin, and is also amazingly setup. But I've seen a few less then stellar Martins, and I think the D-18 I had in my possession for 24 hrs was one of them. It was lighter than my D-28, which seems a tad overbuilt, but even with the light build and scalloped bracing, it had no 'oomph.' I am glad that I got to try one. It's put me off the D-18 as my last 'bucket-list' guitar. My wife is pleased on that acc't.
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