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  1. Pfffft. Amateur. I've got it down so that my wife thinks NGDs are her idea! Hope she's not reading this....
  2. Riff-Raff had his own custom model Martin? 😳
  3. Top was solid cedar, back and sides the usual laminated cherry. I miss mine. Funny enough, I commented on that video years ago.
  4. why don't you email Godin and ask? My B-30 was either '77 or early '78. It may be as old as 76. I traded an Akai tapedeck for it in autumn, '79.
  5. The 1977 Norman B-30 that I had pre-dated Godin's takeover, iirc. It was a superior guitar to any LaSiDo models that I've tried. The neck was interesting. It could rock up and down a bit, in case it ever needed a shim. Sadly, it was in bad shape when I moved to Europe, so I left it behind. Ironically, I met the luthier who's done all the work on my guitars a couple of years later. He could've restored it. Would've cost more than the guitar itself, but that guitar was the only thing that kept me from starving when I was homeless, so it had sentimental value. Oh well.
  6. Thanks. Humidity isn't really an issue here. Our flat is usually between 50-65%, and I usually keep my acoustics in their cases when I'm not playing them. However, the GT has been on our couch since this morning, and our livingroom is redolent with the aroma. I've never played another brand of guitar that gave aroma-therapy. I really can't say enough nice things about this guitar. When the prices were lower, they would've been a steal in the $1,000 range. The sound is clear, crisp, warm, with great dynamics. She sounds like a Martin, plays like a (well setup) Martin, and makes me smile. So, now I have two Standard Series models, the 16GT, and a 000-M (Road Series). Everyone of them has her own voice, yet they all sound like Martins. I'll never sell them, unless in dire straits. I'm selling a Taylor 320 to offset the cost. This will be the 3rd Taylor I've let go of. Guess I'm not a Taylor fan. it took almost 3.5 months to get the guitar I wanted, a lot of teeth-gnashing, angst, and disappointment went into this insanity, as well as countless hours reading reviews and discussions. But I have the guitar I want.
  7. Unfortunately, I'm now too broke to afford to bet.
  8. I got her back from my luthier friend today. He did an exemplary job on it. I am finally convinced that Richlite isn't a problem for me. Post-setup, she plays so easily, it just makes me smile. So, the 16GT: All solid sitka(gloss) and mahogany(satin). Scalloped X-bracing. Modified low oval neck (probably my favourite acoustic neck profile). The spruce isn't AAA, but that is irrelevant. This guitar sounds fantastic, and plays like a dream. My experience with this guitar is directly in line with all of the reviews and discussions I've read. That is, overwhelmingly positive. Smells yummy, too!
  9. Not at all. I am sincere when I said 'enjoy.' I love my Martins, they're what acoustic guitars should be, imo. My collection, modest compared to many, is worth a good chunk. Basically, it's the most expensive thing in our flat. The D-16GT will be the 4th Martin in my collection, which I get back tomorrow. Bottom line is, we only go around once, it's no great extravagance to buy something that will give you pleasure for the rest of your life!
  10. I'd go with 2 in the $2,000 range. But the Martin Standard Series has little to offer now at that price point, at least in Europe. I've got a great collection, 16, and 1 on the block for my D-16GT, even my 'beater' is an all solid Walden.
  11. I had to do the same thing when I owned a BBS. It wasn't bots back then, but rather malicious former members whom I'd banned (all 2 of them), trying to disrupt the place. I would think what you have to deal with is far more frustrating.
  12. I expect that if I had the cash at this point in my life, I'd at least take a look. Martin guitars jumped in price here a few years ago, so I'm glad I got my D-28 and OM-21 before the price jump. I could afford neither, here, now. Our discretionary cash has been allocated toward travelling, which, at this point, is more fun for both of us than another NGD, lol. Enjoy your new baby.
  13. Nice guitar, but too rich for my blood. Welcome and Happy Baby Goat to you!
  14. Seems to have been taken care of, or the spammers are on holiday. Thanks for getting this forum cleaned up!
  15. Getting it back from the luthier on Tuesday. Also had to give him my OM -21 for a bit of a tune-up. Unless there's something very wrong with the guitar, it isn't going anywhere. things I didn't like about the 000-17SM: the shaded gloss finish; the evaluation of 'near mint' did not coincide with mine; it had nothing special about the tone. A Martin has to be more than 'ok.' The RK ROS-16 I had sounded (but didn't play) better. From the end of August to the 19th of November, I was in the frenzy of 'the hunt.' By the time the 16GT arrived, I wasn't expecting much, but then I strummed my first chord, and my whole body just completely relaxed and my face lit up with a smile. The hunt was over. It was either that, or the Lemon Haze....😎
  16. Read that Richlite was just a brand of Micarta, but yeah, close enough. Feels exactly unlike ebony.
  17. I am still skepical of it. It doesn't feel like wood to me, more like glass. I expect my views on it will evolve to the point of indifference, which is a good thing. I've noticed very small anomalies, like the odd sounding finger squeak. The top is not AAA spruce, but that's unimportant. The back is one solid piece of mahogany. Opening the case is aroma therapy. EDIT: and this is why I could never love a composite guitar. The sound, though...big, beautiful, clear resonant bass, strong mids, nice highs... all Martin. Sustain is great. Fairly lightly built. And the contrast in tone to my D-28 was obvious to both my wife and I, yet they both sound unmistakably 'Martin.' I expect there's only a handful of these around Europe, these days.
  18. Zombie Alert! curious as to why my price quote has vanished into the ether. Anyways, I sent the 000-17SM back, and bought a D-16GT. For some reason, a few popped up new at a few shops here. Must've been in the back of the distributor's warehouse. The shops are unapologetically asking €1,900, but I got it around €500 cheaper. After 5 guitars, I found the One. Full, rich Martin tone, even slightly louder than my D-28. BTW, Richlite is Micarta.
  19. For Eastmans in the UK, I would look for Richards Guitars in Avon. I've watched videos of the guy on YT, and Richard is positively ga-ga for Eastmans. His store will also setup your guitar to your specs. His prices are competitive. The Guild, you can get at Thomann.de.
  20. If I was going for a Yamaha, I'd probably go for a new FG/FS 5. They never did anything for me, though. Rather generic tone, ime. And the fact that Yamaha makes Grand Pianos is irrelevant. They also make motorcycles.
  21. You can... I was just fingerpicking on her, in Drop D. I've wanted to learn Travis picking for ages, but could never get my thumb to act independently of my fingers. I remembered a lesson by 'Shut Up and Play Your Guitar' on YT (wasn't/isn't he a member here?) on The Beatles' Dear Prudence. So, I started, slowly, and ding! ding! DING! the light has come on. I can't get it to speed yet, but now I am confident that I will. I know this is a fairly rudimentary exemplar of the technique, but it is a beginning. And it happened on this guitar. The dropped D is deep. Deeper than what you would expect of a guitar that weighs in at approx. 1.6 kgs. The neck, a modified low oval, is my favourite neck. Whoever this belonged to, had it set up for fingerstyle. The action is very low, though no buzzes, even when pushed a bit with a pick.
  22. Gitnoob was prophetic. It arrived today, late, but it is a keeper. Ha! TFOA has an interesting concept on 'near mint.' There's a scoring under the guitar that I'll have to have looked at, as well as various dings. Setup is perfect, sound is great, light as a feather.
  23. 2 shops in the vicinity. Bad experiences at both. I'm just trying to have a happy NGD. I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition! 😜
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