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  1. Is the input level pot loose? Does it wiggle like a worm on crack? Naw, everything seems fine with the pot. Right now it is working...
  2. I'm not sure if anyone else who owns this pedal has had this issue. The input volume on the pedal often (about 50% of the time!) drops out by about 90% to barely audible. The output volume (recorded loop) is unaffected, but I cannot hear what I am playing live. The weird thing is that this issue is on and off for no reason. It may work fine for 10 minutes and then fail for ten minutes and then work again. Resetting it does not help. I haven't damaged it to my knowledge - it is really frustrating for a $300 pedal. Any advice would be appreciated!
  3. I used to play a mean Red/Black deck, but I quit around 1995/1996. It was a huge money drain, but I always enjoyed it and I would probably still be playing today if I had people to play with. When I was playing back in junior high I had problems with theft of my cards, and it got frustrating. Lately I have been playing Munchkin (Steve Jackson Games) with friends. It is a similar game for groups of 3-6 but it comes with standard decks (it isn't a CCG). By the way, I have a lot of cards from 'revised edition' and the expansions of that day. Are these older cards worth anything now?
  4. I have the Keeley Java Boost, and I use it with my AC30. My pedal is older (unsure - bought it used), and it is actually a three-in-one bass/middle/treble boost with a toggle switch. Anyway, I really enjoy it all around and it is my second most used pedal after my RAT. To be honest, I was (like you) really interested in getting a treble boost to go with my AC30, a la Brian May. In reality though, I use the mid-boost setting 60% of the time, the bass setting 20% and the treble setting 20%. So, I am glad I got this pedal because it gives three great sounds and it turns out that treble boosts are kind of a specific sound you may not always want or need. Anyway, you can't go wrong with Keeley stuff. They are pricey, but frankly there aren't any good treble boosts on the market (that I know of) for cheap.
  5. I guess like anyone I'd like to keep costs down, but my absolute max to spend is
  6. I've said it here a few times before, but I just want to again say how great this pedal is. It's best sounding chorus I've ever played, and I own the Taiwanese one. I've never played the CE-1, so how does that compare? Also, why can't Boss just make a pedal like this today? The CE-5 and the CH-1 are both terrible. Is it an expense issue?
  7. Just out of curiosity - new or vintage. What is the 1959 Les Paul of guitar pedals?
  8. http://toronto.craigslist.org/msg/417986858.html That's the most money I've ever seen asked for any pedal. Looks interesting though. Thoughts?
  9. I saw these at a local guitar shop. They are obvious Boss clones - knockoffs really. http://www.beta-aivin.com/en/index.asp
  10. I wasn't aware that Gilmour used the CE-2, but it makes sense because it sounds just like him. CE-2 beats any of the new Boss chorus pedals hands down. I got mine for $40 off craigslist.
  11. I disagree about the Marshall AVT. I used to own one (AVT100) and I thought the OD2 channel was really great to my ear. Clean was mediocre though. Not the worst amp ever, just mediocre.
  12. At least we are all agreed. I'm selling my CH-1 now. There is no comparison.
  13. Get the Nano Small Stone. I enjoy it.
  14. I like my Keeley Java Boost on Full Mode...kind of muddy with a humbucker but makes my Telecaster sound awesome!
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