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  1. i would have bought it if I wasnt so damn cheap. plus I have my eyes on that new PRS P22
  2. Buddy of mine just picked one up On CL for 900 in hollywood..
  3. i got a Taylor 214CE if interested.. Or my Fender JA90 plus 100$
  4. Looking to either sell or trade "up" my Tele. Bought it brand new recorded a few songs for a project with it and it has now been sitting in its case.. Im looking to get 650$ or trade for a solid body like a MusicMan, PRS, or a Les Paul.. Let me know what you have. Im also looking for Mesa or HK tube amps or a TC electronics Gsystem or nova system... Just Let me know what you have.. Thanks. ' alt='>'> ' alt='>'> ' alt='>'>
  5. Would you trade for a Fender JA90 Tele plus cash?
  6. Nice Ibanez In 9/10 condition with Bare Knuckle "Crawler" Pups...Would like to trade for something of eqal value acoustic or electric. I would even like to trade up to a nice Gibson or something...
  7. I have an Ibanez RGA 121 Prestige...It has BareKnuckle Crawler Pickups...
  8. Im in need of cash bad... Sunburst fender strat... with road worn neck. Plays and sounds great. 500$ obo... will post pics later.
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