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  1. These are awesome cymbals. I've played em. But you aren't an indie god, you should change your name to emo sissy. ? I hope you're not trying to be funny. Those high-hat cymbols are rather tempting. 'Tis a shame being broke sucks though.
  2. Bump. Sorry for the delay on pictures. They should be up later today.
  3. I'm gonna wait until the pics, but any chance you'll do a trade plus cash?
  4. Duh, I totally forgot pictures. My bad.
  5. Man that sucker looks nice. How's the tone on it?
  6. Great deal since that S1 switch is slowly going to be harder to find. Good luck with the scale. If it weren't for my J-Bass with the S1, I'd be all over this.
  7. Just hoping I can sell a violin and a few other things a bit quicker. I have faith though!!!
  8. Man....Bongos are the only MusicMans I really like. Wish I had the cash for this one...or at least a G&L for you somewhere. Good luck.
  9. Where in southern California are you?
  10. I have the exact same bass...best Fender Jazz's for some reason. Not just the appearance, but also tone.
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