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  1. heard a demo of the Modtone Metal Distortion pedal and it sounds pretty good. EQ is set up to work similar to that of the Metal Zone but it sounds better IMO.
  2. this is not really a pedal for metal but it sounds really good live and the boost is just another bonus. I use one live in addition to other boost / overdrive / distortion pedals. It's definitely one you should keep on your board. The boost is really handy for leads and I like the tone of it better than the MI Audio Crunchbox (I have both). Now if Zach would make a Distortron with a boost like the BOR I think he would sell a bundle. The boost is almost similar to that of a Fulldrive 2 IMO
  3. show me some examples of using feedback loopers. I keep hearing about them but don't know what they're reallly about.
  4. if you can find someone to jam with that's skilled at what you want to know, you can ask them questions and can play along and be their backing tracks while they play lead. I learned an awful lot that way... More than when I took lessons. Youtube has plenty to watch online too.
  5. I got the Dimarzio Area 61 (bridge), 58, and 58 set in my pickguard and love it but I'm not selling it...
  6. Bought in the late '70s, clearance priced at Grinnell's, around $25. Just go it back from a buddy whom I loaned it to about 28 years ago. Wow. Like to hear that story. Old bandmate from way back?
  7. Mutron Phasor ....wish I still had it. It would be worth a small fortune now. It was one of the original ones.
  8. I have one scene set up for all my lead work 4 different distortions and 2 delays; works like a charm. It has a lot of good trem settings too. The rotary and univibe settings aren't bad either. It's a very handy little box to have...
  9. just got an expression pedal for the US600, Whammy killer for
  10. reg old Boss CS-3...new $89? Seen em for $50 used b4
  11. so our taxes don't help pay for the fire department personnel's salary anymore? I pay plenty of them so what's this all about?
  12. as someone esle said up already, the FD2 sounds great through Fender'ish type amps. I like to use it give my tone a little extra 'oomph' on some of the songs I play. It just adds body and a little compression depending on how you set it up. The boost function is handy when you want to play lead. I think the FD2 won some awards in 2006 as one of the best pedals of the year.
  13. I really love the way Les Pauls look too, but I find myself going for Strats/Teles more because the cleans just sound so beautiful with single coil pickups. I still wouldn't mind a kick ass Les Paul Custom in wine red though . wouldn't mind the new Sammy Hagar LP if they'd remove that ugly peace sign in the headstock. It's a beaut except for that.
  14. If a boss tells you it would be prudent to be looking you better heed his advice. That's his way of telling you it's coming he's just not sure when. He wouldn't tell you that otherwise. I'd keep working until I found another job in this economy.
  15. Now I understand why there are so many liberals on this forum. Look at the age group numbers...
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