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  1. $250 shipped in the lower 48, this includes insurance. PayPal preferred. 1x12 all tube combo. GT 6L6s in it with basic chinese preamp tubes. VERY GOOD condition and has a nice cover. Unfortunately, I don't have the footswitch. Lots of bottom end can be created with the EQ. The clean on this amp is excellent IMO (reason I got the amp). Solid reverb. Semi-dirt tones are very good (classic rock/crunch). Higher gain tones are not its forte IMO. LOUD 45 watts. Some decent vids on YT, but I don't think any of them do the amp justice.
  2. Nemesis and Flite--SOLD SWR SM-400 still for sale!! $300 shipped!
  3. I am looking for a Peavey G Bass in black or green holoflake finish. I have these items to put in on a trade: SWR SM-400 amp head Nemesis 1x15 NC200P combo Flite 2x10 bass cab, custom with 5" mid-range or Line 6 Variax bass (will need some cash with this trade) I can email a variety of pics if interested in a trade.
  4. I do. Cost is $300. This fuse cap comes with an amp for free! ;-)
  5. I have the programmable 3-channel BDDI if interested in that. Like new condition--used for church services only. PM if interested. I'm chubrocker on Ebay if you wish to check my feedbacks. I'm 100% clean! LOL!
  6. Open to trades: Peavey G Bass (black or green sparkle) Tribute L2000 EBMM SUB Rosewood fingerboards. Natural finished preferred. Prefer to even trade or I'll receive some cash in trade.
  7. SM-400 Inside showing headphone mod by SWR:
  8. UPDATE: SM-400 is the only thing left! Nemesis by Eden 1x15 NC200P combo: GONE!!!! SWR SM-400 Head---the "legendary" amp is 400 watts at 8ohms and 420 watts at 4 ohms. Headphone out jack added by SWR. $325 shipped to lower 48. Custom 2x10 with 5" mid-range bass cab by Flite. 250 watts, 8 ohms. I would not suggest this cab for 5ers due to frequency response of the Beta speakers. SOLD!!!! Pics are below.
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