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  1. Originally posted by kannibul

    How do they compare to other stuff?

    Yes, it does seem backwards, but, I was told a couple of things by Lord Valve, and I just want to get more opinions.

    I need some non-JJ preamp tubes

    I've got way too many of them...

    Lord Valve has way too many opinions...

  2. ...don't try it. Good way to {censored} up your guitar, yourself, or both. One Sunday I went down to the basement, and I was pretty loaded. I decided to clean up one of my guitars. I had a beer sitting right next to an open bottle of Stew-Mac Fretboard Finishing Oil. Almost took a swig out of the oil instead of the beer - caught myself the very last minute:eek"

  3. Originally posted by kannibul

    Fixed bias, dispite what the name implies, is usually adjustable with a trim-pot.

    I'd also re-bias any time you change your power tubes,

    regardless of what you have read

    get a Digital Multi-Meter (can be a cheap radio shack one) - and buy a weber bias rite head -

    Or, just buy the bias rite that comes with the meter from the same site for a bit more (though it may be cheaper than meter + bias rite head...)

    Or, take it to a tech, and have him set the bias - it shouldn't cost more than $35


    Or get an Alessandro Bias and Matching Meter. Easier than a DMM.


    I have a used HR50, and it has Ruby Tubes 5881s in it. I'm thinking about putting some KT66HPs in it. Maybe the Marshall JTM45 too.

  4. Originally posted by marloni

    coz jimi is a great guitar player and he can make any guitar sound good. it didn't matter what guitar he used, he could make it sound great. in a similar fashion, why did eddie van halen use such a trashed up strat copy?


    That's true. And I'm sure he had a {censored}load of 'em, and either he or his tech(s) hand-picked 'em.


    My '69-'70 Strat (never pulled the neck) is a fine guitar, except when I bought it (for $350 back in 1978:p) someone had tried to make it play like a fretless wonder and the action was ridiculously low. The pickups also have a fairly low output. Probably demagnetized to some extent, {censored}ifiknow.

  5. Originally posted by rangerkarlos

    I can play the first 20 seconds of Enter Sandman

    they love me at Guitar Center

    Haha, that's great.

    I can play La Villa Strangiato by Rush, from Hemispheres, note-for-note:D

    I'm 44 and started at age 14.

    I love to solo - too much, like most players - I'm a wanker:D

    Yeah, I'm pretty awesome. But there are lots of amateurs like me that can kick my ass:D

  6. Originally posted by Crosscut Saw

    Well I'm only 20 but I've never had anything in common with people my age anyways.

    They're apparently willing to accept "blues" because that's what Mayer is selling his new trio stuff as. Here's a quote from Mayer:

    "I'm not a bluesman. I'm a blues man. There's a bigger difference than you think. I'm a blues man because I just said I was, and that's all anybody needs to know. It's a new kind of blues."

    What the hell is he talking about? He sounds like a little kid.

    If you want to see the intelligence level of Mayer's fans, check out this message board:

    Mayer fans

    To hear John {censored}ing Mayer and BLUES in the same sentence is about as offensive as stuffing {censored} in my mouth...:mad:

  7. Originally posted by Mr.Mow

    These 'JM sucks' threads always remind of a scene from the Simpsons..

    How do you sleep at night?

    On a pile of money with many beautiful women..

    I WISH I could write commercially viable songs like him.. {censored}, if it means travelling the world, getting record contracts, sig guitars, meeting and playing with some of the worlds best guitarists.. If that means 'selling out' and sucking..

    Where do I sign?

    Its got nothing to do with talent (I actually think the dude can play ok mind you), right place, right time, know the right people and it helps if you're just a little bit good looking..

    Cos tell me not ONE of you would turn down the opportunity if it fell in your lap tomorrow (from what I read he worked like a bastard to get where he is)..

    To play {censored}? And make a killing for the record companies? I have to agree with Frank Zappa on this, I'd never compromise my musical integrity for a pile of money, drugs, or naked chicks. Jeff Beck did okay, despite his lack of commercial success. Some people just have ass for musical taste. Especially non-musicians.

  8. Originally posted by delorean

    i installed a coupla Retrotrons last night, w/ push-pull pots for coil-tapping. having never owned a guitar w/ coil-tap capability, i kinda didn't know what to expect, but was kinda ... unpleasantly surprised, i guess.

    i was expecting the
    of the pickup to change, but the only real difference i could hear was dramatically reduced output. is that generally what happens, or should i be hearing more of a "single-coil" sound?

    many thanks in advance.

    Me too. I got a used Gibson LP Custom, and it had a mini-toggle on it, and I took it in to have SD Pearly Gates pickups installed. The dealer tried to convince me to have them wired out of phase and make use of the switch, I insisted on the coil tap/split/whatever you want to call it. Same results as you. Worthless.

  9. Originally posted by Crosscut Saw

    You got that right. Nobody cares about JW though.

    Nope. At least not the iPod-using teeny-bopper teenage money-spending orthodontist's/doctor's/lawyer's kids. They think blues and JW are "weird" and "boring".

    My 16-year-old nephew and his friends all listen to that hip-hop jigaboo {censored}. At least even they think DMB and John {censored}ing Mayer are G A Y.

  10. Originally posted by seaofstrings

    Why oh why does this guy have a sig strat?

    I remember him starting out thinking he was a dave matthews copy.

    I actually dislike both, but this guy, imo, has done little for music accept get young teenage girls to buy albums... i just don't understand.

    No offense to those who like him, we all have opinions and a-holes I guess

    I think he IS a Dave Matthews copy. As if Dave Matthews wasn't bad enough - everyone saw he was a money machine, and now we have all the copycat "sensitive guys" out there. John {censored}ing Mayer and Josh Groban. There's more, I just can't think of them right now. Trendy, queer young girly {censored}. They'll fade away soon enough.

  11. Originally posted by seaofstrings

    Why oh why does this guy have a sig strat?

    I remember him starting out thinking he was a dave matthews copy.

    I actually dislike both, but this guy, imo, has done little for music accept get young teenage girls to buy albums... i just don't understand.

    No offense to those who like him, we all have opinions and a-holes I guess

    I agree totally. And a sig Martin as well. WTF? This kid hasn't paid his dues. Clapton sigs I can understand, but Jesus, someone should make Johnny Winter sig models before John {censored}ing Mayer, for {censored}'s sake. You're right - teen girls wettin' themselves and going home after the show and masturbating, fantasizing about {censored}ing him. And now the new guy - Josh Groban - should see some sig models and plenty of wet panties for him soon, too:rolleyes:

  12. Originally posted by guitardustin

    I've heard a guy playing through the Boss...no its not going to sound exactly like an acoustic, but it does sound pretty convinsing. Pretty cool for full sounds, even if you arent trying to sound acoustic. The untrained ear will never notice

    I have the Boss. I think it sounds like monkey farts.

  13. Originally posted by jcn37203

    Did you just make that up yourself?

    Thats really good.


    I do it all the time. I'm kind of like Weird Al Yankovic. Ever since I was in high school I've made parodies of lyrics up in my head. Especially goofy songs or ones I don't particularly like. Just like that chick Jill Sobule and her tune I Kissed a Girl? Well, I changed it to I Pissed a Turd:


    Pissin' it was quite the deal


    It was just like pissin' STEEL..:D

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