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  1. I used to use an older marshall blues driver to get a lighter marshall sound (if that makes any sense) but the new Keely modded super overdrive does a good job also!
  2. Ok I have finally decided to go though with the gastric bypass surgery I have been thinking about and even though I have hospitalization there are still lots of bills so these have to go up for sale. I was given these by my uncle a few years ago but I play a K7 Korn signature Ibanez so I'm really not into these. Heres what I know, The first one is called a vector (yea I did a little ebay searching) it is a set neck flying v style guitar , 2 humbuckers and a stop tailpiece. The paint is a snake skin style paintjob and the head matches ( think old school hair band) the fretboard I'm guessing is ebony because it is real dark and it has a couple swoop style inlays in the neck (one auction called them boomerangs?) at the 3rd fret and at the 12th fret kind of cool having only 2 inlays on the whole neck. Guitar has the original Hamer case The second one is a mystery to me, I can't find one for sale anywhere so I'll try to describe it. The guitar is like the Standard / Explorer type (ebay teaches you so much!) but the edges of the body are shaved away giving it a real sharp look. It is also a set neck .The finish is a real heavy metallic purple, the head matches also the pickups are the same configuration but it has a floyd rose tailpiece. heres another strange thing the fretboard is also ebony with the same inlays but they are all the way down the neck, but it has leds for the fret markers? Factory? they all work but its kinda cheesy but they are all there. I also have the case for this one. Both guitars have Hamer USA on the pegheads so I would figure both are US made guitars. I would like to get $1000.00 plus shipping for the pair or if you want to come get them I would love that, it would save me the hassle of shipping, and you would get them faster. I'm near Youngstown Ohio Right by the PA. border Feel free to send me an email : LarryNaylor@hotmail.com and I will get some pictures out to you, thanks for looking, Larry
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