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  1. huh, i didn't even know there was a difference between the black and silver faces.. not just cosmetics, huh?
  2. I was well aware of the Framus' stigma for being ultra metal, but I got a GREAT deal on it, so I bought it. And, I really do like the way it sounds whenever I can get it to sound right. I do need to back my pick ups off the strings, but I just wanted to get a little more headroom out of the amp before the lamb of god tone started kickin in..
  3. could you, um, turn down the gain knob? I'm actually not a complete idiot... The amp sounds great when the gain is set at about 1.25, but anywhere after that is just OVERKILL.. So there isn't much flexibility. Believe me, I've thought of it.
  4. Nick Kay - what amp do you use this on? Just interested... I will try that, too... Thanks!
  5. dammit, I'm an idiot... what I meant was $9,500 less. I'm sure it would at least be a reasonable axe for $500.. just to play devil's advocate. Sry.. I've clearly been drinking too much tonight..
  6. I would seriously buy one in a hardbeat. I think it is really effin cool looking... So as soon as I find it priced right, I am gonna buy one. (priced right=about $8,500 less, so I hope you were picking up on my sarcasm)
  7. no, I'm replacing the V2 Distortion lead Channel. V1 is a rectifier and won't hold a 12Aseries tube. So 12AU7s look to be the lowest, I'll have to order a couple and try them all out. The amp just has SOOO much gain its obnoxious. thanks a lot guys!
  8. I have a Framus Ruby Riot Combo. It sounds great, but I've replaced the 12AX7 in the gain stage with a lower gain 12AT7 so my amp wouldn't sound like death metal all the time.. Trouble is, I still get a HELL of a lot of gain out of it... Is there another tube that has less output than a 12AT7, but will still fit in the right socket?
  9. yeah, kings x is pretty awesome. no doubt. but c'mon. Dave. {censored}in. Grohl. (i think his middle name is actually eric, but who's keeping track?)
  10. Okay, I understand... So I found this diagram http://colomar.com/Shavano/3sp-spk2.gif ... I have a Framus Ruby riot combo that has two 16 ohm speakers... Since my orange cab has 2 8 ohm vintage 30s, i thought I would combine them with 1 16ohm Greenback in my Framus. Here is how I have my rig wired right now, could somone tell me if its right or wrong? Epiphone Valve Junior ---> THD Hotplate (8ohms) ---> Orange 2x12 16ohm cab ---> 1 1x12 16ohm Greenback The inputs/outputs on the orange cab are linked together, and I think that makes them match the diagram above. I know for sure that the orange cab is wired correctly... I just need to know if plugging the 16ohm speaker directly to the back of the orange cab is the right thing to do.. Did I explain this well enough? Would this be the correct way to wire the rig or should I try something else... I don't want to blow up the hot plate... thanks
  11. I've got an orange cab with two 8ohm vintage 30s in it. It is wired to run at 16ohms... Is there a way I can rewire the cab to 8 ohms and still use both of the speakers? Need to rewire it so I can use my 8 ohm hot plate.. thanks!
  12. 2 tubes can be half the price of the amp depending on the tubes. Damn, you could double the price depending on the tubes.
  13. nobody beats foo fighters. Dave grohl is the balls.
  14. If you've ever played a Framus Ruby Riot combo, you know that it kicks ass... The problem I'm having is this; The clean channel is loud as {censored}. REALLY loud. It breaks up beautifully and all that good stuff.... the Dirty Channel sounds great, but only at volumes through about 75% of the master. It sounds like there is a compressor circuit in there somewhere (kind of like the compressors in the 3 channel recto).. Does anyone know if I can modify the amp to make it sound less compressed? And is there a preamp tube that has less output that a standard 12AT7 reverb tube? The framus is awesome, but even with a 12AT7 in the preamp stage, it SCREAMS fuzzy metal with the gain on 3. Any ideas?
  15. Wow.. Seriously... Wow... I just sat here and spent 40 minutes reading this entire thread. Just like alphajerk said, I thought it was a brand new post that was just really, really, really popular.. This was captivating, and thechinese, that sucks you had to deal with that... That kinda stuff just sucks. I was really enthralled there for almost a good hour. amazing. Bad experiences make good stories..
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