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  1. This is one of the best rock and metal amps that I have heard recently. It is perfect for high gain tones and is hot rodded right out of the box. It sounds incredible and needs nothing more, no effects needed with this one. If you want a bare bones three channel amp that just screams I would really check this amp out. Blows amps three x the price right off the stage. This will be a big hit for Peavey like the 5150 was. It actually sounds better than those amps. Forget having to spend a bunch of cash for killer tone, This one is it without breaking the bank.
  2. When it first came out it was great but now it sounds like a cheap toy. I am done with it. Tube amps rule anyway you look at it.
  3. Good amp. Overly hyped and priced though. As said before, it has nothing on an old 5150 combo Which to me sounds better.
  4. Sounds great. Gives a lot of additional tonal options to your amp, clean or dirty. I use a Peavey 5150 combo and a Hughes and Kettner Switchblade tube head through Marshall and 5150 4-12 cabs. Musicman EVH and Charvel San Dimas guitars. It sounds great with both of them, and it is clearly designed to be used with tube amps. Good little box.
  5. I have played for 30 years. Have the mentioned amps and guitars. If it were stolen I would buy another. I like everything about this guitar and it may become my main instrument because of the way it plays and sounds.I may put a Duncan Distortion in the bridge position in the future but for now everything is fine on this guitar. My old Musiman EVH could use a break. The charvel is the only guitar I have found that measures up to the Musicman in tone, build quality and playability. Charvel has done a great job with these guitars, they play , feel and sound like the old charvels from the old days. A full pro U.S.A. made intrument at a great price. U.S.A. guitars all the way. I got a screaming good deal used but even the new price is a bargain for such a great guitar.Good stuff.
  6. I cannot say enough good about this guitar. I have played for 28 years.... all rock and roll. 12 years at Ernie Ball Music man as an assembly/setup/QC tech. I cannot find a single thing to complain about on this instrument. I have checked it out from top to bottom and Compared it to a Gibson Les Paul Standard and My Musicman Van Halen. This guitar Came in second to my Musicman EVH and beat a $2000.00 Gibson Les paul Standard in tone, playability, and build quality. After playing a basswood/maple EVH for all of these years I was looking for a guitar that would give me a Mahogany/Gibson like tone but I also didn't feel like spending $2,000.00 dollars just for a name to get it. I know how a guitar should play and feel and can tell if they are built well just by a quick inspecton and play test. This guitar passed my test. I knew there had to be a well made guitar out there that would give me what I was looking for without having to shell out a lot of cash. This Dean is it. Incredible craftsmanship for the price. It can run with the expensive Name brands easily. Dean should be proud.
  7. lizardneck

    Peavey 5150 212

    Between myself and my friends we have over 60 years of combined playing experience. I myself have used 5150's since the early 90's. The combo amp sounds like a 5150 should, and only a few 5150 heads that I have heard sound as good as any the 5150 Combo's. Some of the very early 1st year EVH block letters sounded as good, but after these they were never the same. The combo's however have remained consistant over the years with the same killer tone and distortion quality. The head amp tech at peavey( Roger) has told me that it is a very different amp than the head and he is right. I you feel that you absolutly must spend 2000.00 + dollars on the other mentioned amps go ahead. But if you cant, you can get essentially the same tone at 1/3 the price with a 5150 combo. These amps are gems that can get great tone at low cost.
  8. I play rock and metal and this tube excels in a smooth classy way. Will turn a harsh sounding amp into a thick fat sounding one. Highly recommended.
  9. I have been playing for 28 years. Built guitars for Ernie Ball/ Musicman for 12 years. Played in metal bands for many years and still play everyday.I know my stuff. I'm a gear junkie and a Tube amp snob. I own a Hughes and Kettner Switchblade 100 watt tube head,three 4-12 cabs- Marshall, 5150, and carvin, Peavey 5150 combo amp, Fender strat, Musicman Van Halen, Olp mm1 guitars, digitech GNX4 effect device, Damage control tube distortion pedal and various other boxes. As said earlier I never liked Line 6 stuff...... until now. This amp destroys all of their other amplifier products. The most important thing is this, They finally built an amp that sounds REALLY good and one that I am actually thinking of purchasing in the future. It takes alot to satisfy me as far as guitar tone goes and this amp did. A VERY nice sounding amp overall. And Very affordable too. Good job Line 6 (finally!)
  10. lizardneck


    27 years playing time. Guitar tech for 10. Tube amps(H and K Switchblade, PV 5150 combo)I think what you have here is a VERY upgradable, good sounding, and well playing instrument for a great price. Holds it's own VERY WELL with the real Musicmans and at $349.00 you can afford a small fleet of them. It IS however a lower priced and lower quality guitar and overall does not compare and does not have the mojo, "sound" and "feel" of a real Musicman. It DOES sound, play, and is better constructed than alot of other guitars priced two to three times the price. For the money it has no competition. If you are able to afford a real Musicman by all means get the real thing. But if you cant, with a few upgrades this will get you in the ballpark for alot less.
  11. I have played for 27 years. I have the above mentioned guitars and an ovation acoustic. I also own a Peavey 5150 combo and a digitech GNX4 modeler that I run into a Fender stereo 2150 tube emulation power amp. I have a rocktron zombie distortion, a BBE crusher distortion, A damage control solid metal distortion, digitech delay and isp noise suppressor. I have a carvin 4-12, a marshall 1960b 4-12, and a 5150 4-12. Armed and ready. If this amp were lost or stolen I would take the insurance money and buy another right away. I love everything about the amp. It effectively replaces a room full of amps on it's own. I compared it to many other amps in it's price range and it slayed them all for tone AND versitility. It doesn't need anything else.
  12. I have played for 28 years now. I have owned so many amps I have lost count. I sold A peavey 5150 and a Mesa studio preamp to get this and Im glad I did. The tone of this amp is incredible. Clean or dirty, it has perfect tone. I almost purchased a Peavey JSX, and tried a variety of other high gain amps new and old (Boogie mark III, Marshall TSL and JVM(crap),Framus cobra, Peavey triple xxx, Mesa Roadster, and honestly after playing and comparing all of them it is no contest. The Switchblade just sounds better overall. Plus it has reverb, delay and chorus built in! You can't beat that for versatility, plus the killer tube tone.
  13. I play blues, Hard rock, and metal. Been playing for over 27 years. Guitar setup tech at Ernie/Ball Musicman for 12 years. I came from and learned to play in the 80's metal era which had far superior guitarists compared to what is around today. This pedal is for Zakks tone which is fine if that's your bag. Just not mine.
  14. I play blues rock and metal. I'm sure this pedal would be a good match for many other people. Just not me.
  15. I play all types of rock, blues and metal. Peavey 5150 amps. ADA mp-1, JSX amps and OLD Marshalls. 27 years of playing have given me a superb and keen ear for tone. I didn't like this pedal at all. It's sound quality is second rate to ibanez. The Ts-9 kicks it's ass and the BBE green screamer does too. For $40.00 I guess it's ok but your tone does suffer for it. Stick with the real thing. There is a reason they are the best.
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