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  1. I am only interested in an 8 ohm version, shipped to Canada. Let me know what you got.
  2. If you are down in Calgary area give me a PM, and you can swing by and try it through my rig...as long as it hasn't sold by then.
  3. trade fell through, back up for sale!!!
  4. Thanks for the bump. Speced out like this for a new one would be about $2000, + $400 por the pups. It plays great, is light weight, but I just don't get along with the sound 100% It would be better for a lead player the high mids cut like a knife with the Limba body
  5. Monday morning bump Gas you know you have it Remember to have your pets spayed or neutered, or Peta will sick Sashe Grey on you
  6. 46 pics from the original owner at http://s220.photobucket.com/albums/dd76/highgain510/Gutierrez%20Juggernaut/?start=all
  7. Here is another pic. I will see if I can find some more.
  8. I am selling my Gutierrez Juggernaut. I bought it a year ago, and I find that it sounds great, but it isn't the sound that I am looking for. Here are the specs Black Limba body, and neck Ebony board with stainless frets, no inlays BKP Painkillers with camo covers TOM bridge with string through 3 way switch with just volume control Comes with a new White coffin case I am looking for $1200 OBO or $1100 with WCR Darkburst bridge, and SD alnico 2 pro neck, or $1000 with no pickups, (or you send me pups, and I will install them for you). plus actual shipping from Cochrane Alberta (just outside of Calgary). I am also open to a trade for another guitar, let me know what you got. I would be very interested in a parker since I have a bad shoulder
  9. I don't have anything V30ish. I have a Man-o-war (T-75 clone), Jensen Neo, 12 ohm Earcandy C12-70, and possibly some Texas Heats.
  10. That would mean that they are all 8 ohms. What do you have the wizards mixed with?? Are there any speakers you are interested in trying?? I have a few that I would be willing to part with.
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