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  1. FS - Neo Instruments Ventilator New in the box. Used it once for about 10 minutes (at home in the living room) then put it back in the box. $425 shipped CONUS.
  2. What about people that F*&* with you, string you along with no intention of buying anything? Should they be listed in this thread?
  3. Hmmm Maybe if I get some pics posted there will be more interest. Btw selling because I have two (long story)..
  4. ill trade you a Dunlop CFH Wah Sorry already have two Wahs I'm happy with.
  5. MXR 10 Band EQ (Model M-108) No box but comes with the power supply. $90 plus shipping/ paypal.
  6. I'm curious, is it a Rosewood or Ebony fretboard? (Hard to tell in the pics)
  7. Nice looking PRS. Nice backyard too Maybe some day I'll try a PRS but there's that rosewood fretboard thing again. Like I said if the Amber had an Ebony fretboard I'd be keeping it!
  8. Beautiful, (Stunning really) 2003 Les Paul Standard with a Premium AA Flamed Maple top in a Trans Amber finish.
  9. Original (not an upgrade) Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ 60-100 Head (no EQ no Reverb). Extremely clean!! Tolex has no rips or tears. In amazing shape. As you can see in the chasis pics there is not a spec of dust or dirt to be seen.
  10. I have two I may be willing to sell. Pm me if interested.
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