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  1. Wow, thank you for the tips everyone! I'll repost pictures in the future when I find some time to repair it. @ outdoorgb I haven't played many acoustic guitars in my time (mainly electric guitars) but it sounded great to me! @ garthman I'm going to do what you said when some time rolls around.. thank you again!
  2. Hello everyone, First post at Harmony-Central in years! Over the weekend my uncle gave me this beautiful Ovation 1127 acoustic guitar, which he had no use for. It sounded great, despite the old strings and the huge crack. It runs all the way from the base of the guitar to the sound hole. This is my first acoustic guitar. I don't really know where to start, or how to take care of it. I have several electric guitars and basses, but I've never had an issue like this, haha. I did some light research before posting here. I've read that a cleat might do the trick, but I'm also looking for other opinions/tricks. I removed the strings in hope that it stop the crack from expanding, is that a good move? Taking it to a luthier is something I want to avoid because I'm broke. I'm not looking to make it look perfect, I just want to be comfortable while playing it. Any tips or advice? Here are a few pictures. Thanks!
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