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    A chinese-stuffed EL84 based cookie cutter with no legs for serious gig work? Give me a break.. Wow, ENGL's marketing department are really doing their homework.. Agree. But ola makes a pretty good argument to use the gig master.
  2. every person ive known that sells cars has one life..and that is @ the dealership. Most of them have "issues" from substances to relationship. If you want to do sales get into software / hardware sales. Find a good consultancy firm and get in the door. You'll probably make more money and the good thing your not selling 24/7 unless you want to.
  3. I like tubedepot...but my next set of tubes is coming from Laura.
  4. My live rig....one of the two...never at the same time.
  5. Yup. but my band dosen't roll like that. we help each other out.
  6. Synopsis of gear ive actually gigged happily over the years. Marshal Artist Peavey 6505 Splawn Quickrod
  7. Grade A shape. Has Velcro on the bottom. NEVER used live...EVER. $200 Shipped / PP (ConUS) [video=youtube;5tu-n_034YI]
  8. obo? Its packed and at the UPS store waiting to go.
  9. Peavey RAAAAAGGEEEEEE 128
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