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  1. i just finished the room as a bedroom. So I am looking for a temp solution to reduce the upper high range.
  2. just moved into my new bedroom in the basement and it all dry wall. 7' roof its 7'5"x14'7" wide I cannot sing in here. there are some crazy reflections goin on in here, I need tips on helping with the room so I can record vocals in here.
  3. I use a firepod and yes you can get great results www.myspace.com/freshstylesmusic that was all done on the firepod. aswell as most of this www.myspace.com/kaminproject If you working solo I would go firepod if you recording bands get the studio so you can do the fancy routing. Hope that helps
  4. I posted this in the amp forum since I mostly hang out there, but any criticism from you guys would be great. I've been working really hard trying to get good at this whole game, but it's not coming along as good as I'd hoped it would. This isn't my song but I recorded it today trying to do a tone/mix test as it's similar to the stuff I write. Any feedback would be great. http://www.netmusicians.org/files/55-testmix2.mp3 I dont like the snare not enough punch feels muffled. The rest sounds great
  5. Im not sure I would pick the attic. There are going to be some strange modes with the odd shape of the room. Try them out. Play drums in both see if you get some strange echos also try acoustic guitar. I just think that roof will be really strange if you record up there but it may sound really neat I would experiment.
  6. I love the Marshall crunch but i cannot use a reverb pedal as it sounds wierd when its engaged and its reverbing the input and not the crunch. Anyone?
  7. I was wondering if anyone has any work arounds for using the head distortion and using a Distortion effect that is built into the head. Right now im using the fx send and fx return but the head im looking to buy does not have those input outputs. Is there anyway to do it and still use the reverb pedal? I ask because i do not like the spring style tube reverb that comes built in. The Head im looking to get is the SoCal Epiphone head. http://www.americanmusical.com/item--i-EPI-EPA-BKSC50H.html I am using the Ehx Holy Grail pedal now with my marshall MG50.
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