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  1. Great transaction with Ibenhad. Quick pay, communication, real stand up guy.
  2. My current female... Hey, thats that chick that was posting on here awhile back that a bunch of the resident douches were giving a hard time to. I knew she wuz for realz!!!!
  3. Thanks for the offer... I had a Bogner Alchemist last year and never quite bonded with it. I think I'll have to pass Thanks for the reply.
  4. this one is my own personal amp - not the school's. One of my first builds. I'm wanting an amp w/ reverb, maybe channel switching and a Master Volume as well. Gotcha... great looking amp bet it sounds great too. If I didnt need a channel switcher myself I'd buy it. Tempting though.
  5. Looks sweet! Why are you guys selling this or wanting to trade for another 1x12 combo?
  6. Trade for a Bogner Alchemist + Roland Space Echo RE-101? Both in excellent condition, the RE-101 is all original, best tape delay ever, I just dont use it. I'm 2 hours south of Springfield.
  7. Man, those things are noisy as heck - HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! I made the mistake of buying one Brand New without ever hearing one because no dealers in my area carried them. Now I know why!! You must be thinking of something else. I owned a Tre for a long while and its one of the quietest hi gainers out there. POST = FAIL.
  8. Congrats on the job Ronnie. Glad you didn't have to sell such a sweet amp. Thanks man....glad I didnt either. Appreciate the kind words.
  9. Update: Found a pretty decent job and dont need to sell the amp any more. Like I said this was purely for financial reasons and my financial woes are cured for the moment. Everyone that PM'ed me I'm really sorry but this all happened like the day after I posted this thread. Sorry i couldnt sell it to one of my forum brothers but Im happy as hell I can afford to keep the Mark III now. Ron
  10. Thanks guys. Cant say Ive ever had to sell an amp cause I NEEDED the money. Usually just being a gear whore but yeah, its gonna suck to get rid of the Mark, great amps. Someone needs to buy this before it sells locally...
  11. Recently unemployed and need to pay bills and child support. No joke, this sucks. Amp is fully loaded. Red Stripe, Simul Class, 1/2 power switch, Export Transformer, Graphic EQ, Reverb, FX Loop, all the options. Great shape except for a couple of small scuffs and some tape residue on top, nothing of any concern and Im just being picky. Sounds amazing, no problems. Comes with 2 original Mesa foot switches. Send me a message and I'll reply with my phone number and answer any questions but don't waste my time if not serious. $800 shipped anywhere in the continental USA. I dont use Paypal so money order only but I'll give you all my contact info prior to finalizing the deal. Have references on here if you wanna check.
  12. Haha!!! Youre selling everything since you got the Tre... How are you liking it, seriously?
  13. Any of those old 60's Gretsch or Valco amps...especially the Gretsch Twin Reverb.
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