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  1. If that was a black pickguard I'd have been all over it. Bump ya anyways.
  2. FIFY, bra yeah, that's what I was trying to say.
  3. I dunno about this JJ cat. I saw him kissing a Lemmy pillow once. People pillow love is just wrong. Naw, JJ's a cool cat. I've witnessed him do so much here to help fellow HCEG forumites when they were down on their luck. giving away whole guitars, amps and a nice little accsesory pack. He's been a real blessing to many.
  4. and i *want* a million $$$$ ur point? Go earn your million $$$$ the way Tom and Mike did. Want want want... everybody wants and nobody has the balls to go out and earn the {censored} the want anymore. Society is becoming pretty pathetic.
  5. That's a beautiful BC Rich. I'd be on it if I hadn't just bought a LP. Good luck with the sales though.
  6. something like the Kona in my avatar would be nice, but willing to work with what's available
  7. I am looking to buy a cheap Lp copy that I can gut and redo. let me know what ya have and how much you want. Not looking for the Jay Turser bolt ons. Thanks, Robert.
  8. Oh and I want it transparent green if that's possible.
  9. How much for a strat like the maple capped mahogany ya built? H-H, standard scale neck, maple board, hardtail bridge. ( parts oughta be cheap cuz I like the gfs stuff) I wont be ready to say for sure I want it til after the holidays, probably early FEB, just getting an idea of price. Thanks, Rob.
  10. Is it a 2 3/16ths neck or 2 1/4 neck? I am looking for a decent neck for my strat-o-bastard.
  11. I am looking for a neck for my strat-o-bastard project. Rosewood over maple I have tuners, 2 1/4" width!!!. I've neck now which is my problem. It won't stay in tune cuz of the width issues.. Let me know what ya have, thanks Rob.
  12. whats the status on the Ibanes rg? cracks just in the paint or in the wood? and is it $220 shipped or $220 plus shipping? lemme know thanks
  13. I'm thinkin bout this... let me know if ya still have it. pm or better way is to email me at iaintgotaclevername at hotmail dot com. Thanks.
  14. come on people this is a good deal
  15. Line 6 spider II http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2043897 fernandes Dragonfly http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2043885
  16. I have a LIne 6 SpiderII 2x10 125 watt amp for sale. One small issue, the plastic corner piece is broken, it was broken when I got it in a trade. Works great, loaded with Celestion speakers. looking to get $250 shipped. Not looking for trades at this time, and prefer USPS money orders. ' alt='>'> ' alt='>'> ' alt='>'>
  17. fernandes dragonfly. plays great with only 2 small paint chips on the headstock. Asking $175 shipped. Not looking for trades, and prefer USPS money order.' alt='>'>
  18. pics of the series 10? and is it one of the heavy as 3 cinder blocks models or is it relatively normal weight?
  19. Got any H-H-H strats in a tuxedo with a floyd? I know..that strat will never get sold
  20. I had a white pacer imperial...man that was an amazing guitar...whoever buys yours is going to be a very happy camper
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