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  1. My band doesn't play out very often (only about 4 times a year), but when we do we get paid well. We charge between $2k and $3k per show, but we take care of everything (sound, lighting, we have our own techs). In your case, I'd sit your bass player down and have a serious talk with him. Unless he's got some kind of magic that brings your songs together, he's replaceable and if he's being a douche he should know it.
  2. I had changed mine for V30's in my Twin and then for Jensen C12K's afterwards. Both were awesome, but the C12K's felt more Fender-y to me. I think Jensen makes an equivalent to the C12K in the Neo series that would be a lot lighter. You should check it out.
  3. If anyone's got any invites left, I'll gladly take one and pay it forward as soon as I can. topless.groupies@gmail.com (yes, it's a real address) Thanks!
  4. If anyone's got a spare invite for me I'd be glad to PM my email to them.
  5. I use a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M40fs cans for tracking. I like them so much that I have 2 pairs. The Sennheiser 280's are really nice too. But I agree with everyone who says not to mix with headphones. I'll mix a bit with my cans if it's late and I don't want to bother my neighbours, but I'll always go back to my monitors the next day and fix up my mix.
  6. Thanks neo that's exactly what I did yesterday. I soldered a jumper to where you have the red arrow. I've got continuity, so the contact seems ok. I'll finish putting the pedal together tonight and hope it all worked out.
  7. You'd be surprised what you can solder to if you put your mind to it son You can solder to the IC if that's easier, all that will do is bypass the "minimum gain" limitation I think I managed to solder it to the resistor (I think it's R9). I get continuity from the end of the cable I soldered in and the opposite leg of the resistor. I'll finish it up tomorrow night and hope for the best.
  8. Just call Paul C. and get a Timmy. It's only $129, which is cheap for such a high quality of a pedal It's definitely on the "want" list, I'm just waiting to have the available funds. There isn't a doubt in my mind that there will be a Timmy on my board eventually.
  9. Send to Paul Cochrane. I was thinking that this was some kind of bad karma for playing a Timmy clone.
  10. The trace is from the center lug of the gain pot to a resistor, which is just too f'in small to even hope to solder to. There's not even room on the leg of the resistor, and it doesn't come through on the back side of the PCB.
  11. Holy thread revival Batman. It's been over a week since I purchased the amp and haven't heard ANYTHING from the seller. I sent them a message yesterday telling them to contact me or I'd be opening a dispute. This sucks!
  12. Haha, this worked in the time it took to download and install Soundflower, so thanks. I'm sure Soundflower will come in handy one day, so thanks, T! What's great about Soundflower is that it works with any program, and you choose the format you want to record to. You can easily grab a sound sample from a video game, for example, not that there are many games on Mac, but you get the idea. I've found it useful a couple times.
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