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  1. Depends on the application. Up until a couple of years ago, my live rig consisted of either pedals or rack gear running through a tube power amp. I switched to a solid state head and single multi-effects pedal for gigging mainly due to weight and the cost of retubing, but continue to use a tube power amp in my recording rig. Reason being, I don't feel that the warmth of a pushed tube amp really stays intact when fed through a PA, but in a more controlled environment, power tubes make a huge difference. I record with solid state and tube preamps, but even the SS preamp really benefits with a tube power amp. If my band was playing somewhere without a house PA, I'd probably bring a tube amp and let `er rip.
  2. I've been using a Morpheus DropTune at band practice when our bassist has been absent, and it is far superior to the Boss OC-3 in every category as far as I can tell. I also used it when jamming with a friend who uses alternate tunings for various songs, as the DropTune tunes down in half-steps all the way to a full octave.
  3. We did everything humanly possible to avoid drama. My parents kept their noses out everything, getting involved only when we asked for assistance with a couple of things. My wife's mom, however, offered "suggestions" at every opportunity, and expensive suggestions at that. I knew that my wife didn't come from a well-off family by any stretch, and didn't expect them to pay for anything, but her mom kept coming up with high-priced ideas and then throwing a fit when nobody would listen. When all was said and done, it went off more or less without a hitch. Her mother continues to try meddling with everything we do, but so far we've blocked her from creating more than a little peripheral drama.
  4. I used a DD-2 for years, and when it started to wear out, I compared the DD-3 and DD-5 at length. I went with the DD-3, as it sounded closer to the DD-2, and because I wasn't compelled to spend more for a DD-5 when I really had no use for the extra functions.
  5. I bought a Fullbore as an emergency spare in case my amp craps out at a gig and I need distortion and a gate in a very small package. Having compared it to a Tight Metal, it's not as amp-like in terms of tone, but at half the price and half the size, I can live with that. Having a mid-sweep control is an absolute must for me, which is one area where the FB beats the TM.
  6. All I can say about Domino's is that the extra (diced?) tomato option is absolutely worth it.
  7. Maybe a used Jekyll & Hyde? They can cover a lot of ground, everything from mild dirt up to heavy distortion, and have a good EQ section.
  8. I've stayed away from this thread as long as possible. WARNING. THIS IS A JOKE. Do you actually have an indigenous racoons from the states parading around your yard. Or is it a black person. My grandfather refers to African Americans as Coons, black fellas, and N word. My g/f's g-dad is even worse. I get confused with these threads. No i'm not promoting racism. Once again, this is not a racist post. Jesus christ. I'M NOT A RACIST. "hopefully my point has been brought across that i'm not a racist" There's a town near here called Coon Rapids, and when a contestant on a TV show (American Idol perhaps) was going to talk about where she was from, she was instructed to say she was from Minneapolis, which is the nearest major city. Not because it mattered where she was from, but because you can't say "Coon" on TV. Someone might get offended.
  9. Here are some pedals I've had good results with for melodic death metal for around $100: ART Xtreme (not the Plus model) - Great EQ, and has three modes for everything from mild overdrive to brutal death metal. Korg 104ds HyperDistortion - Another one with great onboard EQ, and a cab-sim switch for running direct. Footswitches are questionable. H&K Warp Factor - More basic than the above pedals, but can do the whole range of Marshall to Mesa tones. Known crappy footswitch design though, NOT reliable without modding. MXR Fullbore - Doesn't get much love here, but I bought one new for $90 because it sounds good, has a built-in noise gate and is sturdy. Would probably be the easiest to get your hands on.
  10. I am looking for a kind of Metallica tone. I have the SP tone covered. Metallica's tone has changed so much over the years that it'd be hard to suggest a one-size-fits-all pedal. If you want to keep the price down, the MXR Fullbore would probably serve you well. The EQ is pretty good, and the noise gate is sufficient for what noise the pedal kicks out. I bought one as an emergency backup for my ART pedal.
  11. VisualSound Jekyll & Hyde will cover an extremely wide range for a pretty reasonable price, and you can combine the two channels (overdrive and distortion) for a heavily saturated metal-approved tone. That being said, it's not going to be ideal for certain types of death metal or industrial unless you have high-output pickups.
  12. ART Xtreme circa 1996 remains probably the best distortion pedal I've ever owned. The Korg HyperDistortion is probably a close second, but of course both have been discontinued for many years. Regardless, the trick has been finding a pedal with a good built-in EQ with both midrange and mid sweep/freq/whatever controls. For $90 or so, I picked up an MXR Fullbore that does a pretty decent job too (plus has a built-in noise gate) but for any serious attempt at getting good tone from a pedal, I still prefer to run a separate EQ pedal with it. Although I'm using amp distortion most of the time now, running my ART Xtreme with an Electro-Harmonix Tube EQ into a Peavey Classic 50/50 power amp sounds incredible. I gigged with that setup for quite some time. The HM-2 is a really cool pedal when used correctly, but frankly I don't think it's going to satisfy most metalheads these days. I like it in more of a backing role, for doubling parts recorded with tighter, more precise tones. It's very fuzzy on its own, but for single-note riffing ala At the Gates or Carcass, it goes well over another guitar track.
  13. If it's a family-owned business or sole proprietorship, where any backlash is limited, I guess they can do what they like. But I think it's pretty irresponsible for large companies whose employees 1) may not share those views and/or 2) would be adversely affected by any such backlash. If individual owners/shareholders/employees want to support a particular organization or cause, they should be free to do so, but make it as clear as possible that they don't speak for their fellow employees. A prime example would be the recent "spat" between Target and Lady Gaga, because Target supported a conservative candidate who - big surprise - isn't exactly a champion of gay rights. Lady Gaga took issue with this and threatened to back out of an exclusive release through Target unless they contributed to a gay rights cause of her choosing. Target declined, and the partnership was terminated. Now, I don't necessarily think that Target should have been supporting a politician directly in the first place, but I do think that "two wrongs don't make a right," and that it was better to refuse Lady Gaga's demands on the grounds that - as a business - they would now be pissing off two "factions" within their customer AND employee base. Enough is enough already, and I'm surprised that such a supposedly enlightened voice of political correctness as Lady Gaga couldn't see this. That's just one example, but it got so much media attention that it just shows why individuals should make sure their individual opinions don't get voiced or displayed in a way that could make it seem that they as an individual speak for all of their co-workers or employees.
  14. My brother had a Fab Tone when we first started a band together, and it really sounded great to me. He ditched it once he bought his first proper gigging amp, but if he still had it, I'd buy it off him. We were playing metal, and it sounded pretty fuzzy, but I agree that it has a certain HM-2 vibe to it, for when note definition wasn't the top priority. Damn, I think I might have to buy one.
  15. Set yourself a budget and set aside some time to sift through eBay. I've taken a chance on a few (Korg HyperDistortion, Hughes & Kettner Warp Factor, ART Xtreme) that have really been far better than what the price would have suggested. These days, I'd probably spend a little more and check out AMT or Amp Tweaker pedals, although they are aiming for more of a true preamp-in-a-pedal vibe than most distortion stompboxes I've used.
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