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  1. Let me know what you have. I would prefer the newer one with the mount brackets for voodoo pedalpower. I have a few things I can trade towards it MIJ Ibanez PT9 Phaser Ibanez TS10 OD. (Switches 90% of time) SKB 6 Space Rack case Let me know your asking price. Or if you are interested in any of the trades. Thank you
  2. Bump. The pedal is still available. I would trade for Pedaltrain Jr with a softcase. + some cash from me. (preferably the newer one with pedalpower brackets).
  3. Bump. Double Muff and TS-10 are gone. PT-9 Still up for sale.
  4. AKG Perception 200 - Perfect condition, comes with the original case, manual and shockmount - $Sold
  5. Ibanez PT-9 Phaser - Pretty good condition. Has a few scratches and dings, but works perfectly. (Missing the battery connector, but works good of a power supply) - I've seen a few of these go on the bay for around $100-$130, so I would say $80 Shipped.
  6. Prices Update Firepod - 300 Shipped, Monitors - 200 Shipped.
  7. Package deal, a Presonus Firepod with Alesis Active Monitors. One of the Firewire connectors on the Firepod won't connect with the computer, but the other one does. So it still works just fine. You have to use Firewire Connector 2 instead of 1. The Firepod is still under warranty, so it will be a free fix, I am just too lazy to go to the store for them to fix it. Also I have the original box, manual, and install cd's for the firepod. The Alesis Monitors, has some minor wear and tear, but nothing major, or anything that affects the sound. These are really great monitors, I've never pushed them hard. They are LOUD, so turning them up more than half way has never been a necessity for me. I just upgraded my system so I no longer need this. $500 Shipped for both Firepod and the monitors. CONUS only, If you want to upgrade to 2-Day shipping, you pay extra. I will take US-Money Order only.
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