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  1. Hi there, This is a loop I made for "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" so I can solo over it, thought I might enhance my mixing skills while I'm at it. this is the setup: Acoustic Guitar Track(DI with EZmix[including some reverb]) Electric Guitar Track(DI with Guitar Rig 4) Drums Track(EZDrummer with Jazz EZX Plus EZmix) Upright Bass Track(Kontakt 4 Upright Bass + EZMix) There EZMix on the master as well. no further EQ, Comp, etc. had been done to any of the tracks. DALDOM_Full.wma DALDOM_Strait.wma I've Uploaded 2 versions. The strait one without any of the instances EZmix and also without any delay or reverb I've added through guitar rig. The "Full" one with all the EZmix instances I mentioned and also with some delay and reverb through guitar rig. I'm not "afraid" of using EQ, Comp, etc. it's just that EZmix is easier when I want some pumping backing track for practicing right away. I have Sonar X1 Producer(With Pro Channel and other EQ,Comp Tools) and also Guitar Rig 4 with the new NI compressors. BTW- I've only included the melody of the song, long solos seemed to be useless for mixing purposes ATM. EDIT:Links Updates to sound click
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