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  1. Time to move some gear. This time it's my beautiful and love 1978 Fender Twin Reverb. Silverface with the push/pull master volume knob. This amp is killer and sooooo ballsy. It's the 2x12 model with the original Jensens in the back. Not much to say about this thing, if you know amps, you know this thing is a staple among stages and studios alike. I play ALOT of fly dates and festivals. There are always two amps there, AC-30's and Twins. I think the treble knob is cracked on the first channel. NO rips in the tolex and maybe a couple of scuffs on the bottom sides and bottom of the vinyl. Still has the silver rocker arms on the side. This amp is in KILLER condition. I've not seen many in it's shape on ebay and some of those are getting upwards of $900 on there. The thing needs a new set of tubes. The ones in it are humming pretty fiercly and are blue. Very old anyways. I'll try to throw in a cheap set before it's sold. Just to get her up and running to 100%. I will try to get some pics up here tomorrow. If anything, you can email me and I will try to shoot you some through email. Thanks. Wes here's the amp.. http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=12684233&albumID=2092847&imageID=29193811
  2. I've got a standard MIM strat black with white pickgaurd.
  3. actually, yes. what do you have in mind?
  4. I have an ac -15 cc with case. Not looking to sell, but would entertain an offer.
  5. I'm interested in your wireless. Please email me at wes@rushoffools.com!!
  6. Selling my Fender DeVille 410. It's in near mint condition. Not going to to into any detail about this amazing amplifier. You know what this thing is. This thing comes with and was always stored in it's flight case and dust cover. Yes, that's right, even when in the case it was in it's dust cover. This thing doesn't have a scratch, rip or tear on it that I have ever seen. I'm looking to get an ac15 or ac30. Interested in trades. Looking to get $650 + shipping. I have PICTURES but couldn't attach all of them here!!! www.rushoffools.com www.myspace.com/rushoffools
  7. Hey there. Selling this Fender DeVille 410. You know what this amp is so I'm not going to go into great detail about the amp's internals. This thing is awesome. Hands down. Just not my style, I'm learning. Thought I was a tele and fender guy. Quickly learning I'm more of a Gretsch and AC15 dude. Anyways. This was owned and played by me. Wes. I play in a band called Rush Of Fools (Midas Records). Check it out! I've had this thing for about 6 months or so. I've kept it in it's case 100% of the time. Inside the case, it was kept in the dust cover as well. Contains original tubes and speakers and wiring. It's untouched. No rips, tears, or even scratches that I know of on this thing. It's definitely a SWEET deal for anyone. This amp was seen, lovingly, on the "World On Fire" tour with "By The Tree (Word Records) and "The Turning" (RKT Records). The amp was never cranked to a stupid volume. We used in-ears and the same audio production was used everynight. So, there were no mind blowing volumes. Somewhere around 2-2.5. I am interested in trades. Looking for a well-condition AC-15. Maybe even an AC-30. Looking to get $650 + shipping. -includes flight case, dust cover and footswitch. I HAVE PICTURES. HAD TROUBLE ATTACHING. JUST SHOOT ME AN EMAIL!!!
  8. Selling my Seymour Duncan Twin Tube. Still comes with plastic, box and even receipt. Has a couple of scratches. Probably has about one hour on it total. Don't have enough room on the pedal board anymore. Paid $209 for it. Will take best offer. Some trades accepted. email me.
  9. Looking to buy a decent wireless guitar system..
  10. I will take $180 + shipping. I need to get this thing out the door. Wes
  11. Looking for $200 obo with power supply Works great. Amazing delay pedal. One of the best created, yet. I'm looking for a GigaDelay DD20. I used to have one and the band has converted over to that pedal, all but me. I'm selling to buy this pedal, or I'm trading FOR this pedal. So, anyone interested? contact me through email! Wes
  12. Looking for a Keeley Blues Driver or Keeley Tube Screamer. Maybe even interested in a Sparkle Drive. Something "drivey" but has a little sparkleness to it. Asking $190obo on the pedal and power supply + shipping. Has a couple of scratches and nicks on it. Works unreal!!! Great pedal!! Has actual tubes that give you that authentic tube distortion. contact me at my email! Wes
  13. Interested in selling it for a good price? What are you looking for in trades? I've got a Line 6 DL-4 I'm trying to get rid of. Comes with the original power supply. Interested? Wes email me back if interested
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