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  1. Originally posted by Jazz Ad I don't know him but he's a lucky guy, seeing Tori Amos's ass moving all year long. You read my mind... big +1
  2. I've had one for about 10 years. Nice little amp. They go for $250-$300 used all day long on the internet, maybe a little more for the exceptional condition ones. I have an older black/blue/white one. Works great. Might could use a little more power but c'mon, it's $250 used. It was my first amp after my tube amp blew up when I was 17, and it's done me well for years. I still break it out frequently, especially for practice.
  3. I play mostly rock music and this unit has worked out fine for that. I can hear sounds in it that would fill any genre and the unit is very flexible. It greatly facilitates my ability to get the sounds that I want in my budget, even if it's not perfect at the time that I'm recording I can "reamp" later and get something more appropriate to the final picture of the project. I wish that Line 6 would expand the number of models available and offer model packs the way that they do for the Guitar Pod, I wish they were more open to customer suggestions, and I wish that they would be better about giving a "road map for the future" with where they plan on taking their product lines. They are very tight-lipped about what is in development and while I understand that's best for competition, I'd like to know if certain products (such as a Bass Amp Head) are even being thought of at this time.
  4. I've been playing for about 14 years. I've owned Ampeg, SWR, Eden, and GK. If this amp were to be lost or stolen, I'd replace it with something else. It's a nice amp, but the Ampeg B2R I've had for years puts it to shame even though it's got less features and a very similar preamp (and costs a lot less.) Again, let me reiterate this for anyone who likes their B2R and thinks the B4R is a higher wattage version: Ampeg stated to me that the B4R was designed by completely different engineers and is not intended to sound the same. The B4R has substantially more "ugly" low mids than the B2R.
  5. Good stuff. Thanks! Edit: Whoops, except that I just noticed that the 2nd chord is A G B, not A D F#. But by your same logic the chord center would be G.
  6. My guitarist likes to play progressions similar to these, and I'm looking for new melodic ideas of what to play as a bassist over this sort of thing. Specifically, ideas of scales or modes that will work over this would be great. My theory is average at best, so i don't know the "technical name" of what he's doing here. G--5- -4- -1- -2- -9- D--7- -5- -2- -2- -9- A--0- -0- -0- -0- -7- Thanks to all who offer advice.
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