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  1. That's my pedal set-up at the moment. Can't get that 'scream' effect from any other wah (this is a mini on a try-out board) - have stopped using overdrive because it completely cuts up the fuzz signal, use the amp instead with its 'crunch' setting. Know you're not supposed to do this in tandem with fuzz effects but the overall sound is better than mixing fuzz plus overdrive pedals, in a chain, I have found. I have a Fender fuzz-wah but it was a pain because you could lose track of where in the switch-over you were, it's broken now - never liked it much - huge, heavy clunking thing. Also picked up a Budda wah but I don't use it - it also suffers from a special power plug/socket arrangement which makes it a nuisance on any board.


  2. Those look like locking tuners to me. Hold a large coin firmly in that top slot to prevent it from spinning and wind the tuner as if you're loosening the string. It should release the string. :)


    Wow, thanks, so that's how it's done :-o I unscrewed the head with a screw driver - releasing the old string, then trapped the new string by giving it plenty of slack while screwing tight the head again. Then I tuned up :)

  3. Hi,


    Finally went in for a s/h Fender ;) Thought I'd change a string tonight - WOW! - the string will not come out of the tuner >:-( Imagine breaking a string at a gig & that happened :-o Anyway, I am stumped - tried pliers, everything - the string won't budge. The Fender handbook does not show this tuner & it doesn't seem to be a lockable one? No ideas :-|


    Please help!


    Thanks :)


  4. Thanks. That 9.6v wart was for an Electro-Harmonix (something), I have so many of these plugs now [sigh]. The specs give: "Power Supply ~ Carbon-zinc battery (9 V, 6F22) or Alkaline battery (9 V, 6LR61), AC adaptor (PSA series: sold separately)".




    PSA series are: "500 mA of current to easily power multiple pedals, even digital ones", no mention of voltage.




    This site lists a "smaller, upgraded version delivers 9v DC at up to 500mA (previous version PSA-240 was only 200mA) and accommodates more than one Boss effects pedal to be connected and operated at the same time by using power supply link cables. The PSA-230 ES can be used in conjunction with the Boss TU-2, LS-2 or NS-2 and Boss daisy chain lead to power up to 7 of your Boss pedals."




    So 9v listed here.

  5. Hi,


    Have an ambient pedal-board set-up, is there any way I can route or channel the whole board through one stomp button, so that I can switch between the ambient effects & other non-ambient pedals / boards please?


    At the moment I'd have to manually by-pass about half a dozen pedals, I need a switch which will control the whole lot.



  6. But you can't unison bend with a floating bridge, the springs react to the pressure and pull the static note out of tune. On the A chord I held the G note (b7) on the B string while bending up to it with the G string, in classic blues style, the result was basically an out-of-tune guitar, then when the bend is released the floating bridge puts the strat back into perfect tune again. That bridge is not designed for old-time blues playing. Modern blues guitarists probably use the floating bridge-tremolo for (up-whammy?) bends, probably Beck does stuff like that as well, together with his faux-slide effects. I am permanently old-school, retro.


    Was told this is why Clapton has his tremolo blocked.

  7. Update - Took it back to the shop & the guy 'flat-tailed' the bridge, I could not see what he was doing & he wasn't letting on. Lot of messing with screws & springs by the look of it. What I did notice was he popped a spring into the tremolo hole before screwing the arm back in, and said not to remove the spring - not even to remove the whammy, that's a new one on me. The tremolo bar arm is now 'set', not like my Pacifica, where it flops about all over the place - no spring.

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