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  1. Hey Bill! How you doing?

    Yeah - the years creep up on you, do they not? HST, I mustn't complain - I am still reasonably fit (touch wood it continues) and supposedly of sound mind -although that's just my opinion LOL.

    But scary things happen - lost 2 of my childhood friends in the last 3 months!! - and one was younger than me?!?!


    Still on the right side of the grass Howard. Currently on a break between chemo cycles.


    Yeah, I think I'd question the sound mind statement. ;)


    Sorry to hear about your friends but age is not one of the criteria for the Grim Reaper. I recently lost a niece who died in her sleep at 32 yrs. of age.

  2. What up Howard? 'Tis a bitch gittin' old, eh?



    Any of the Capsaicin ointments will work very well if they contain 0.025% Capsaicin but I'll have to give that brand a shot. Who knows, their proprietary blend of ingredients may well add to the effectiveness.

    And, oh, yeah, don't scratch your nuts or rub your eyes until you've done a really good scrubbing of your hands, paying particular attention to the area under and around the nails.

    For your hands, don't wash until at least a half an hour so the stuff has a chance to really do it's work.

    You may feel a burning sensation when you start using Capsaicin but that will abate over time and keep in mind relief is usually not instantaneous but works over time and it will take a week or two really start feeling the effects. You may have to use some other sports cream such as Tiger Balm, Absorbine JR, Ben Gay, Icy Hot & etc., until the Capsaicin kicks in.

    A spray on that works very well for the short term is Stopain. It's active ingredient is menthol and it's about $8.00 a bottle. If it's going to work it will be pretty much instantaneous but does not last as long as the creams seem to. If you don't like the smell of Menthol and Eucalyptus you won't want to use it though the odor does diminish in a fairly short while.

    Growing up on the farm we also had good success with horse liniments such as Absorbine Veterinary Liniment.


    Seems like a lot of money for a thumb brace.

    I'd think something like this would work as well and they're about $7.00.


  3. Hey Bill.

    She's good! - they all are! Nice to have friends like that.

    Hi Howard. Yeah, Lisa is really good. Along with the mando she plays banjo, acoustic and electric guitars and bass, including standup bass. Her dad and mom were in Dakota Night with me.
    Here's Lisa on bass and her SigO Doug on banjo doing their version of Y'all Come at a house party several years ago.
    Here's a cut from the CD we did years ago, with Dennis on lead vocal and guitar, Alleen on bass, doing our take on Gordon Lightfoot's Alberta Bound

  4. We all have gear laying around that we don't use. So give it away. It's done fairly regularly on some other fora. I've done it myself. Here's how it works.

    The gear donor starts a thread announcing what is to be given away, and perhaps a deadline. Anyone who wants a chance to get the item just posts in the thread saying so (ONCE). At the appropriate time, a random number generated from someplace like random.org. points to the winning post number. The donor ships the item to the winner. (Yes, this works better if the items are small and cheap to ship, because the donor has to pay the shipping.) (And Yes, shipping out of country could cost more.)

    Why am I bringing this up? Well, if you listen to several members here, you'll get the impression that I'm a thoughtless bastard who wants a chance to get free gear. But I'll even give away a few items myself, if the giveaway threads don't become flame wars.

    Will it work?


    Had something similar a few years ago. Didn't last long.

  5. Well, good and bad news. I received news today of the passing of my friend Charley. I posted about him some time back, as he had a 1969 martin 12 string for sale.

    I went to to the local pub and had a beer (or two) in his honor. RIP my friend.


    Fair winds and following seas Charlie.

  6. I read up on that Sea Monster and it seems like it would be an excellent brew, but....

    Take a gander at,

    pokedown.gif THIS ONE!


    2012 Release Date: April 16th, 2012

    First Release Date: July 2000

    Hop Variety: Warrior

    Stats: ALC/VOL 10.5%, 65 IBUs

    Availability: 22oz Bottles & Draft

    From RateBeer;


  7. If the guitar was hot and sold in CA the pawn shop would not be held responsible. (Apparently they have a strong lobby in SacTown)

    Several years ago I had several guitars stolen, along with some other things. We were able to track the guitars to a local pawn shop. I was able to prove to them they were my guitars, the police were called and involved. Upshot of it is, I still had to wait until the pawn period was up and then buy them back. Had someone purchased the guitars from that pawn shop and were located because the shop actually provided a real receipt purchase ticket that included the buyer's information I would have been able to recover them and the purchaser would be out the money.


    Speaking of over pricing, another shop in the area had a three pack of Digital Reference vocal mics. Their price was $49.99 each which is the listed full price at GC. The thing is GC and MF had that DR mic in three pack on sale for $19.99 for the pack and they'd been at that price for quite awhile. I showed them the GC ad and offered that full price and they turned it down. About a year later the mics were still there at the same price and again turned down the offer. About a year later they were out of business.

  8. I like the overall sound Tot. Gonna probably get one when I have the extra bucks to replace my old PA system.

    Great song and playing. Thank Mark for allowing you to post it.
    The audio does seem to have a bit of distortion, probably over drove the iPad recording system.

  9. Forgive my ignorance, but what is 'no script'? I think I want to do that.

    I took Dak's advice and ran Housecall by Trend Micro and it didn't find anything. I believe the HijackThis pointed to the right registry entries and by deleting them, I'm not getting pop-ups. I am going ahead with the plan to build a 64 bit on an i5 core and a ASUS MoBo. I believe I will try Microsoft Essentials on that machine. I can use some of the parts from my Dell E510 duo core, sound card, video graphics card and Optiarc DVD burner. It is not going to be quite as expensive as I thought since I am buying an i5 instead of an i7. RAM is pretty cheap right now. Anyway, this will be a new start. My old machine is getting pretty sluggish anyway, irregardless of midget porn viruses.....

    RT, Some other great tools for Windows come from Piriform. One is CCleaner. Others are DeFraggler, Speccy and Recuva.
    CCleaner will go through the system and find all sorts of crap in files, folders and the registry so you can {censored} can them with ease.
    At this time I have a Windows XP PC I'm setting up for old Windows games for the grandson and use the Piriform apps there. And though my XP recording PC only get on the 'net for uploading or downloading I run the same apps.

  10. I am now transmitting from my personal computer. It appears to be clean, despite what I said earlier about both PC's doing this. I must have been hallucinating......

    Anyway, no pop ups here.

    I downloaded HijackThis and have run my first scan. Found one "unknown" toolbar. Also, found a program called 'ArcadeCandy Software'. I did a google search and it is an online game site that my 9 year old daughter has been playing on. She downloaded it. Also there is a search engine called 'dogpile'. I have heard of that before, but don't recall if it is a reputable search engine. Nobody seems to know how that got there. Me and the kids are about to have a come to Jesus meeting.....


    Dogpile has been around for a long time and uses Google, Yahoo, Bing and possibly other search engines for the search.


    Very often the game sites carry along some kind of crap install or their program won't work. Your daughter probably just accepted the default download and install app.

    Use HouseCall to run a remote scan of your computer. If you're set up to be able to run a browser in safe mode that would be the best way to approach that, if not HouseCall will usually quarantine the problem so when you reboot it's removed.

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