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  1. Here's my other one I never posted, my Yamaha 12 string from the early 80s. Its been many a place camping and logged alot of miles, but it still sounds crispy clean.That's the thing with these vintage Yamahas. You either get one that's outright trashed and unplayable or you get one that'll probably outlive you. Very nice.
  2. Frankly, though, I find it hard to tell the difference between Sonic Blue and Daphne Blue, never having seen them side-by-side in real life. Daphne is maybe a tad lighter than Sonic Blue.
  3. I have too many guitars Not at all. I always love it when you post your collection, you got so much cool old stuff.
  4. I'm bumping this old thread because I will be placing a bulk order (electronical parts, strings...) this week. Then listen to BoredGuitarist and get some Dr. Duck Axe Wax. I've been using the same bottle for over a year now and it works great on any part of any guitar, brings old strings back to life, etc.
  5. So, Travis, how is your sex life?
  6. I like how this thread pops up every once in a while..
  7. {censored}, I will drive anyone chatting with me in the next few days crazy with this gif.
  8. [YOUTUBE]u0hyxNHxGYU[/YOUTUBE] The most beautiful love song ever recorded.
  9. Sorry for my thread-necrophilia, but I saw them on saturday and John had the most amazing fuzz tone I had ever heard live. Does anyone know what he uses right now? He played a Jazzmaster into some big ol' Fender combo (2x12", most definitely a Twin), but I couldn't make out his pedalboard.
  10. I love the SM57. Was just trying mine for different applications the other day and did some surprisingly good sounding acoustic guitar/vocals-work with just one mic. (Parts of Ivory Road by King Charles, excuse the singing, the accent, etc.)
  11. I could never justify spending that much cash on one pedal. Even if I got one for free, I'd probably flip it to buy something more useful for the money.
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